Exit Strategies for Business and Complex Asset Owners

October 26, 2017

Exit Strategies for Business and Complex Asset Owners

exit strategies

Mark Rubin

I am hosting a session on Exit Strategies for Business and Complex Asset Owners on November 16, 2017, in Tucson at 4:00 p.m. The session will entail a presentation and discussion of practical preparations, strategies, markets, and considerations vital to embarking on these transactions. Refreshments, too!

I have been practicing law in Tucson for nearly 40 years, focusing primarily on business and real estate law. Estate planning and fiduciary matters are also part of my practice. (I have been a Licensed Fiduciary—License No. 20546—for a dozen years, dealing mostly with cases involving complex assets, dysfunctional families, or both.) During my practice, I have worked with myriad situations involving a principal’s

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Big News!

August 30, 2015

News! Big news, at least for me, and it relates to my work life. The news comes in three parts:

  1. Since August 1, 2015, I have been General Counsel for Pima Medical Institute;
  2. As of August 31, 2015—tomorrow—I will no longer be practicing law at Mesch, Clark & Rothschild, P.C.; and
  3. On September 1, 2015, I will be practicing law at the Law Office of Mark Rubin.

Before I go forward, thanks are in order. I was happy and successful in late 2009. Nervous about being a solo practitioner, after my building flooded and I was sick for a week, leaving me about three weeks behind on my work; still, happy! Along came MCR, with a terrific

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