The Loft Cinema and Dunkirk

July 23, 2017

The Loft Cinema and Dunkirk

loft cinema


I saw Dunkirk Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the Loft Cinema. We don’t do movies at Mark Rubin Writes, Father’s Day 2016, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Loft Cinema excepted. But I’m obliged to shout out for the Loft Cinema and independent theaters, and I have some thoughts about movie-watching.

Film—and, for now, I use that word most loosely—and my DNA don’t link up well. I watch almost no television. I never see more than one or two of the Best Picture Academy Award nominees, and a year having seen none happens. (Truth be told, in the last few years the show put on by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts

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Omission – A Legal Writing Guide

September 12, 2015

I often call myself a “technical writer.” In fact, most everything I do as an attorney involves “it matters” writing. To lay people attorneys are on their feet, back and forth. In almost every instance, however, the battle of wits follows written submissions on the facts and law. Even in trials, where the jury relies on the evidence it sees and hears, writing plays a role in determining what the jury sees and hears.

Omission, written by John McPhee for the September 14 issue of the New Yorker, is an essay about writing, and a most gentle cri de Coeur for less is more. Unintentionally, it’s also a legal writing manual.

Before I get to legal writing I

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