Action by Anecdote

April 2, 2018

Action by Anecdote

anecdote action

Our Fearless Leader tweets … still! For a few days last week we enjoyed quietude, or what passes for calmness in Epochus Trumpus. (Dramatic? For sure, but we’re 437 days into the Trump Administration, and if you’re not feeling like it’s been an Age you’re not paying attention!)


The Twitter blasts returned on Easter morning, with sound and fury signifying nothing. The subject? Immigration. DACA. Dumb immigration laws. Blah, Blah, blah! The prompt? Huge Immigrant Swarm Prompts Trump Tweets on DACA.*

OMG, a huge swarm. Traveling through Mexico as a caravan. How many people? 1000. Wait. What? More than 1000 people? OK. Whatever will we do about the swarm of more than 1000 people?

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Democracy in the Age of Ignorance

March 11, 2018

Democracy in the Age of Ignorance

democracy ignorance

Promise Keeper

President Donald Trump sells himself as a promise keeper. From 36,000 feet, one constant in his first year-plus as POTUS has been his “I’m keeping my promises” statements.

Much has been written about those promises, kept and broken. We’re passing on that here, except to note that while the record probably looks okay if we compare Mr. Trump to his predecessors, it sucks if we’re judging his presidency by his primary measure: keeping promises. (No one should measure promises quantitatively, for they’re not all equal.)

Does keeping promises matter? “Depends” should be the answer. And in the Age of Ignorance, depends should end up “no” almost always.

North Korea

Most recently—and impulsively

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