Update on Max Atticus Finch, Dog!

November 25, 2016

Update on Max Atticus Finch, Dog!

Max Atticus Finch

Max Atticus Finch

Max Atticus Finch turned three last Monday, November 21. I know he turned three because I got him on November 21, 2015, and the rescue group told me he was two. (Museum visitor to guard: “How old is that T-Rex? Guard: “Six billion and 13 years old.” MV: “Wow.” G: “Yep, I’ve been here 13 years, and he was six billion years old on my first day.”)

We have shared 369 joyful days together, me and Max … but for day 368, and a few others. Thanksgiving morning left Max hot and bothered, when I told him the festivities did not include him. Yes, you went last year, I thought, but

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L’Shanah Tovah 5777. Happy New Year.

October 2, 2016

L’Shanah Tovah 5777. Happy New Year. The High Holy Days commence at sundown tonight (Sunday), beginning a period of reflection, remembrance, and renewal for Jews around the world.

I’ll get to what matters in a moment. First, though, there’s challah. No Jewish meal begins without bread, and a blessing in which we gives thank for bread. Challah means “loaf of bread,” but in modern times the term describes a braided egg bread, made round for the High Holy Days.

I have been sharing Jewish holidays with the same group of people for almost 55 years. We—my parents’ generation, truth be told—found one another wandering in the Southern Arizona desert, with everyone having escaped from New York or Havana. In

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Life Lessons

August 13, 2016

I’ve been busy with work, Max, and lots of life lately. Walking this morning, I noted some life lessons which grow out of food and related stuff.

Life Lesson No. 1: Tools Matter. For most of my life I’ve heard about tools. They’re necessary for success, even if they’re not always sufficient. And for an overlapping period of time, roughly, I’ve been making pizza. For many years, the act of making pizza from scratch was enough. “You made that. From scratch?” For a long time how good it was mattered little.

Then, as pizza improved, I had to step it up. Forty years ago my tools were a bowl and a cookie sheet. And now? There’s a scale, measuring

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Sunday Pizza

May 15, 2016

I defrosted pizza dough and Saturday evening plans went awry. I could have left the dough for another day or so—it’s sturdy stuff, bread dough—but I decided to try the Spicy Spring from Prince St. Pizza in lower Manhattan. (The link takes you to An 11-Stop Tour of Chinatown and Little Italy for Under $15 a Head by J. Kenji Lopéz-Alt for SeriousEats.com.)

Anyway, Mr. Lopéz-Alt put together How to Make New York’s Finest Sicilian Pizza at Home for The Food Lab at SeriousEats.com. So I figured I’d use the dough and try to recreate the masterpiece, seen below, which my daughter and I enjoyed almost two years ago.

Prince St. Pizza Spicy Spring (Sicilian square with pepperoni)

Prince St. Pizza Spicy Spring (Sicilian square with pepperoni)


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Moving Day!

February 16, 2016

Moving Day! The Scalia post is written, but it needs to leaven just a bit. I’ve never forgotten the adage that “if you don’t something nice to say, be quiet.” It’s a good lesson, generally, and my add-on—for those times when something less than nice is appropriate—is “it’ll keep for a bit.”

So last night—the 8739th night I resided at my home—called for pizza. I’ve never counted the number of pizzas I’ve made at 5900. (My friend PGR does keep a notebook, with hydration rates, flour mixes, quality ratings, etc. Alas, I’m not that organized.) I’m pretty sure the number is not less than 30 per year, which gets me over 700. Here’s the last one.


The Curator will

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About Chocolate Whisky Cake and Food

December 13, 2015

Thank you Facebook, for bringing to light Holiday Hodgepodge, posted at Mark Rubin Writes exactly one year ago. Chocolate Whisky Cake appeared in the New York Times, courtesy of food columnist Melissa Clark. About the cake I wrote “One heck of a cake, and I’ll report on results just as soon as I bake it.” And no one saw another word about the cake … until today, when I finally baked it. (More on the cake soon. I promise!)

Over the past 365 days MRW has 15 posts about food. About 5% of all posts, and far fewer than I would have expected. Why?

I’m pretty sure the anticipated food writing went to the same undisclosed location where 15-20

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Happy Chanukah

December 6, 2015

Happy Chanuka Chanukah, Chanukkah, Channukah, Hanukah, Hannukah, Hanukkah, Hanuka, Hanukka, Hanaka, Haneka, Hanika, and Khanukkah., thanks to Hanukka? Chanukah? Hanaka? Don’t ask how a Hebrew or Yiddish word is spelled. Lots of variations, in almost every instance.

Chanukah—my preferred spelling—is a no big deal holiday. It’s been co-opted in the United States, as a kinda sorta substitute for Christmas, for Jewish kids who should not feel left out of a national, commercial something or other. Alas, I’m experiencing my first Chanukah without a child for whom I am responsible. Cate Rubin is in Rochester, NY, where she works as a Manufacturing Chemist for Kodak. She lit candles and made latkes. I lit candles, baked Yukon Gold potatoes (with a

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San Diego

November 15, 2015

“Oh my gosh, you’re home already,” was the comment from my San Diego landlord, whose name is Mom. I was gone a total of 49 hours, of which 12 were spent driving and 14 sleeping. (Although I was alone, some part of the sleeping hours may have occurred during the driving hours, so total hours are approximate.)

My 23 hours were mixed. My trip had for its primary purpose visiting someone who’s ill. Our visit was delightful, but there’s no pleasure in seeing someone suffer. Alas, I’m glad I went!

The balance of my 23 hours was spent walking, reading, eating, drinking, shopping, and getting a haircut, mostly in that order. Here are some highlights:

Saturday dinner was at Ironside

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Comfort Food

November 8, 2015

Comfort food has a Wikipedia page (So, actually, does one of my clients, but he pitched for the Milwaukee Braves and Houston Astros for nine years.) Wikipedia describes comfort food as “traditional food which often provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the consumer, and is often characterized by a high carbohydrate level and simple preparation.”

Baloney. Comfort food is tasty food you like, made simply and easily. For me, recipes are a distraction. If instructions are required, I’ll eff them up and ”easily” won’t be part of the mix. (I had my tech guy come by to make two DVD players work. One new DVD purchase later, I’m watching DVDs on my laptop. No matter how

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Food and Pleasure

August 1, 2015

About the Blog at Mark Rubin Writes asserts that we share information about Food and Pleasure, in the midst of Law and Affairs of the Day aka Trotskyite views. Anyone wondered when there might be a post—other than a Curator burger pic—which features food. We checked. June 7 was the last post—Nuts and Cookies—and that’s just shy of eight weeks. Too long!

Today’s post features Chocolate Chip-Cocoa Nib Cookies, Meat Loaf Bolognese, Mushroom Pizza, and Shrimp Fried Rice. I’m working in reverse alpha order, though, as I think the feature picture on Facebook is the one which appears first in the blog post, and the rice is my best picture.

The rice began with good intentions. I’ve been

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