The Third Night at the Democratic National Convention

Third night at the Democratic National Convention. D voters? Did you listen to President Barack Obama’s three most important words? “Don’t boo … vote!” If you did, and if you do, call it “game, set, and match.”

For me the evening started with my former Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.). She followed her husband, former fighter pilot and astronaut Mark Kelly. Gabby’s recovery has been truly remarkable. She’s amazing!

There were plenty of great speeches. Former NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s speech tore the Donald a new one. Best line? “Truth be told, the richest thing about Donald Trump… Continue reading

The Second Night at the Democratic National Convention

The second night at the Democratic National Convention has passed. All Bubba!

President Bill Clinton gave a stem winder of a speech in support of his sweetie, Hillary Clinton. And his highlights reel describes a scary smart, dedicated person. focused on policy and making lives better, especially for the youngest among us. (Dahlia Lithwick wrote Bill Clinton’s Love Song for Slate.)

Yes, yes, I know Bubba hasn’t been an especially faithful husband, but that’s none of our damn business. (Frankly, he looked mighty frail and tired last night,. I suspect his boots may be on the high shelf for good.)… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 7/27/2016

Democrats Make Hillary Clinton a Historic Nominee. ‘Nuff said!

Trump and Russia. Russia and Trump. Josh Marshall, who runs has put himself on the matter with, among other posts, What’s Going on With Putin and Trump and Why It’s a Big, Big Deal. A blogger, you say? Well, not just any blogger? Several years ago Randall “Duke” Cunningham represented part of San Diego County in Congress. Then, Mr. Marshall and others focused on him. Then, Duke Cunningham served almost seven years in prison. So if Josh Marshall thinks there might be a meaningful and… Continue reading

Opening Night at the Democratic National Convention

Damn. Just damn! What an opening night at the Democratic National Convention, huh?

We started with the unity issue. This morning Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) resigned as Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Complicated story, and if I wrote fiction, here’s how I’d tell it:

The Russians own Donald J. Trump, lock, stock, and barrel. They finance him. (His bankruptcies have left his bridges burned with traditional banks.) They installed one of their own, Paul Manafort, as his minder. (Mr. Manafort worked for Viktor Yanukovych, a former Ukraine president and Vladimir Putin ally.) They hacked the DNC… Continue reading

Superman aka Trump: Got it All Covered!

More than 55 years ago President John F. Kennedy offered these words near the end of his inaugural address:

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

And on July 21, 2016, Superman aka DJT (Donald J. Trump) told us he’s got it all covered.

My, how we will have fallen if we elect Mr. Trump. Leave aside Mr. Trump’s… Continue reading

Ill. Under the Weather.

Gentle readers, I am ill. Under the weather. There’s plenty of room for being “under the weather” in Tucson during the summer months. That said, I got as high as 101.8° last night. (My 101.8° is more like 103° for a regular person, as I’m colder than your average homo sapien.) Hotter inside than Tucson on the outside for many hours.

I’m on the mend. I’ll be back in a day or so, assuming whatever I’ve got has gotten from me everything it can take. And I’m only writing now because I did not want regular readers to… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 7/20/2016

This week, the golden rays should be emanating from Donald J. Trump. Here’s the smart writing about him:

The Republicans waged a 3-decade war on government. They got Trump. Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann wrote this long piece for Vox. They’re smart guys, and their observations resonate.

Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of reaches what may be the essence of the Trump campaign in Violence, Blood and Betrayal inside the Trump Potemkin Village.

From Jane Mayer for the New Yorker, here’s Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All. Ms. Mayer’s piece captures Mr. Trump’s essential awfulness.

[Honestly, the Curator… Continue reading

Adverse Possession

Adverse possession involves taking property which does not belong to you. There is a lawful process. Still, the whole thing stinks, more than a little bit.

Adverse possession laws exist for a reason: the law wants to encourage the productive use of property. If someone uses property in a productive manner, even if he or she does not own it, the law gives him or her the benefits attendant to ownership.

Statues define the necessary elements for an adverse possession claim, but court decisions have fleshed out t issues. In Arizona there are several adverse possession statutes; however, the most… Continue reading

Hillary Clinton. Not Lesser. Not Evil.

[Note: This post has been percolating for days. Thanks to RF for noting that he is tired of the lesser of two evils narrative as it relates to Hillary Clinton, which brought the thoughts together.]

Last week the Curator mentioned Understanding Hillary: Why the Clinton America Sees Isn’t the Clinton Colleagues Know, written by Ezra Klein for Vox on July 11. I read the piece with interest, for I have friends who know Hillary Clinton very well. They report on her warmth, kindness, and smarts. But for smarts, these attributes do not appear readily for those of us who… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 7/13/2016

There is a tension between sharing really good stuff here, and using a separate post to go deeper. So you won’t be seeing anything about the Week of Shame in America aka July 3 – 9, 2016, and you also won’t be reading an important piece of journalism in Vox, written by Ezra Klein, about Hillary Clinton. Stay tuned for posts on both issues.

If you want to understand Donald J. Trump and his supporters on a granular level, read Who are All These Trump Supporters? by George Saunders for the New Yorker’s newest double-week edition. Not a pretty picture,… Continue reading

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