The Wednesday Curator – 10/1/14

Thirteen more Wednesdays—after this one—in 2014, and we’ll end the year with a Wednesday Curator special on New Year’s Eve (Wednesday, December 31, 2014). For this week I’m mostly going through the curator’s attic. Too many pieces I tagged that I haven’t shared yet.

I struggle most of all about what I’m ignoring. And those subjects are? Climate change, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, and guns. So Rebecca Solnit’s post for, at Salon on September 21, The Politics of Pretending are Killing Us really resonated. Now, Paul Krugman thinks climate may be cheap or even free, and he speaks his… Continue reading

Court Starts Soon: Book Suggestions for Your Spare Time!

Court starts in six days, on Monday, October 6. I’m sure it’ll be another rock ‘em, sock ‘em year, with plenty of big deal stuff coming late in the spring of 2015. In the meantime, Mark Rubin Writes will keep you informed.

For the last Tuesday post before the opening day, I’m offering a short list of books about matters broadly associated with the Supreme Court. My list is very eclectic, and it focuses on lesser known treasures. Here goes:

Chef Supreme is a cookbook/homage to Martin Ginsburg, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s late husband. Marty Ginsburg was a legend in… Continue reading

Blog Biz

I did some more careful checking of my post count. Ignoring pre-MarkRubinWrites posts which reside here, and posts like this one, telling you I’m running late, out-of-town, changing my schedule, etc., I have 208 posts. With my new schedule, I should hit 250 the day before Thanksgiving.

With the 250 milestone in the offing, I have two other goals. I’d like the MarkRubinWrites Facebook page to reach 250 likes. We’re at 160 now, so the goal is doable. If you’re an FB person and are so inclined, please share my page with your Friends.

My other goal relates to subscribers.… Continue reading

Football, Professional Style

Believe it or not, I used to be a pro football fan. Really! I can still conjure up the image of my dad picking me up in June 1969—I was 12—and telling me Joe Namath was retiring. Devastating news!

The retirement came about when NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle ordered Namath, then 26, to sell his interest in a singles bar. The conversation went like this, thereafter:

Namath:  No!

Rozelle:  Do it!

Namath:  I quit!

A month or so later, Joe Willie sold the bar interest and returned to football.

I recall football pools for years at my old law firm,… Continue reading


On September 21, I wrote about Vaccinations (Not) and Rage! Then, just yesterday, I punted on comments about irritants from the world around me, focusing instead on Days of Awe. And, truly, until late this afternoon I thought I would pull my punches for a few days. But …

So what had me riled up? Enraged, really? Well, three things. First, there was latte-gate. The President of the United States got off Marine One—the helicopter we provide for his use—and, holding a paper coffee cup in his right hand, saluted a soldier. Fox News went ballistic, and maybe this… Continue reading

Days of Awe

We’re one day into 5775, the year—in the Hebrew calendar—which began about 24 hours ago, at least for my local readers. In English Rosh Hashanah means head of the year. It’s also the beginning of the Days of Awe, which is one cool description for the 10-day period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. (The same period is also called the High Holy Days, but Days of Awe has captured me.)

The Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar, which requires periodic adjustments. I’m sure plenty of Talmudic scholars spent many lives figuring out how to keep… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 9/24/14

Let’s start with How Gary Hart’s Downfall Forever Changed American Politics by Matt Bai, written for the September 22 New York Time magazine. This is an exceptional piece of reporting/writing about one of the exceptional figures from the last 25 years of the last century. Definitely worth your time!

For political junkies, there’s also been lots of news out of Kansas in the U.S. Senate race. Senator Pat Roberts, the incumbent Republican whose time has probably passed, was barely beating the D and the I in a three-man race. The D pulled out of the race and asked that his… Continue reading

More About the Court in 2014!

Appellate attorneys handle cases in appellate courts. Some of us who don’t specialize as much as others handle appeals as part of a regular practice. (I think I have argued about 25 appellate cases over the past 30+ years.) For others, though, it’s all they do.

Then there is the Supreme Court bar. If there’s a formal organization I’m not aware of it, and I—like many, many thousands of others—am admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. (Why get admitted to practice before the Court, when having a case before the Court is highly unlikely. Here’s the answer,… Continue reading

Vaccinations (Not) and Rage!

Writing presents challenges, but I’m pretty sure they’re not the ones you think they are. No, I don’t have a problem finding time to write, really. I rarely find myself with writer’s block, the inability to commit words, sentences, and paragraphs to a Word file. And I don’t want for things to write about.

So what is my challenge? Candidly, I find it tough, too often, to contain my rage! I’m sitting here, along with all of you and the rest of our fellow Americans, watching a society decline. Sure as I’m pounding these keys, “there’s a bad moon on… Continue reading

Sweet Things, and a Happy New Year

Business took me to Florence earlier in the week. No, not that Florence! I’m referring to Florence, Pinal County, Arizona. Yes, as faithful readers know, my business involved the prison. And no, there’s nothing to share about that.

What I am writing about is the apple fritter. Here’s the one I bought at Eugene & Kim’s Place.


Look for Eugene & Kim’s Place at 199 E. Butte Ave. in Florence, across the street from the county complex and the old courthouse. (I’ve included a shot of Eugene & Kim’s Place, along with a downtown Florence pic. For… Continue reading

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