Thursday Evening

I thought I was entertaining on Thursday evening. Alas, my guests could not join me. Still, a man does have to eat, and I did have my provisions at the ready.

My intended menu included a cold apps board, a pizza, roasted potatoes, and a salad. The cold apps went by the wayside, although I certainly nibbled on turkey jerky, cheese, and some left over stir-fried veggies and pork while I consumed my martini.


The potatoes are one of my favorites. I take any variety—tonight it was Russets and blue sweet potatoes, a new hybrid—and chop them into chunks, unpeeled.… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 5/27/15

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has had a reputation for seriousness and for expertise on military and foreign relations issues. He’s been a Senator for more than 12 years, and served in the House of Representatives for eight more. And he thinks he should be our next President of the United States. OK, then, why would he say

Everything I learned about Iranians I learned working in the pool room. I met a lot of liars, and I know Iranians are liars.

Peter Beinart offers an answer in The GOP’s Embrace of Anti-Islamic Bigotry, written for The Atlantic on… Continue reading

Title Insurance

Most real estate transactions involve title insurance. Every transaction should! Despite the expense, and the fact that title insurance companies may be very, very profitable, potential losses associated with title defects, for owners and lenders, make title insurance essential.

Title insurance policies issue, generally, on American Land Title Association (ALTA) forms. Policies are issued to owners and lenders. There are standard and extended coverage policies for owners and lenders, as well as an HO—homeowners—policy and a policy for leasehold interests.

A standard owners or lenders policy insures against matters of record, i.e., interests which exist because of a document… Continue reading

Memorial Day Thoughts

There’s a quote out there which captures well my thoughts about Memorial Day. It’s from Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-Vt.), who says:

If you are not prepared to take care of the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend this country – who came back wounded in body, wounded in spirit – if you’re not prepared to help those people, then don’t send them to war in the first place.

Memorial Day was, originally, Decoration Day. (For some background on the early origins of the holiday, read The Surprising History of Memorial Day by Ben Railton… Continue reading

The U.S. Constitution: Meeting Our Needs?

In the United States of America we venerate our Constitution. Most people know little about what it says or means. Slam it, however, and you’re a traitor or worse!

Few people, relative to all of us, take an oath to support or defend the Constitution of the United States. (The few include attorneys, government employees and office holders, and naturalized citizens; 300,000,000+ others need not say or do anything.) For reasons I can’t quite explain, having taken an oath to support the Constitution, I think I have right to questions its relevancy and validity some 225+ years after it… Continue reading

Graduation Weekend at Beloit College

I arrived at Beloit College 489 months ago. Ms. J got there 453 months ago. Cate Rubin showed up only 45 months ago. Alas, we all said goodbye to Beloit and Beloit College last weekend, as Cate graduated.

The town has stepped up its game, big time. Downtown Beloit offers good—no, not good for Beloit; really good—restaurants and bars. The riverfront is beautiful, and the city looks alive, not like it did when I lived there in the 1970s.

Beloit College has improved greatly, too. In my day it was a good, small liberal arts college. It still is,… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 5/20/15

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World out there! David Letterman offered his own take on that space for more than 33 years, and will wrap up his run tonight. David Letterman, Prickly Late-Night Innovator, Counts Down to His Exit by John Koblin for the New York Times on May 19 recounts the final days. Bye, bye, Dave!

From the politics desk, here’s Jeb Bush’s Many Problems by David Frum—he who created the term “axis of evil”—for The Atlantic on May 20. Also from The Atlantic, and missed when it came out, there’s The Paranoid Style of Ted Cruz by… Continue reading

Update re: Not Being on Schedule

Behind on blogging due to an inability to gather pictures from several phones and cameras. The Curator should appear on Wednesday, on schedule. Stay tuned for a graduation/trip wrap up, and I expect to be back on schedule by the weekend.

Graduation 2015

Graduation!* It’s truly a special time, when all around us are young (mostly) people who are ready to make their way in the world. 2015 is an extra special year for me, as Cate Rubin—smart, talented, energetic, vivacious, and beautiful Cate—graduates. Cate’s proud parents are Ms. J and yours truly. Her grandparents are Glenda Blackburn and the late Howard Wilson, and the late Uncle John Higgs, Rochelle Rubin and the late Herb Rubin, and Uncle Irwin Sattinger. Go Cate! (Special thanks to Aunt Pam and Uncle Craig, my sister and brother-in-law, for acting as “’rents” in Cate’s college ‘hood!) Here’s… Continue reading

Jeb Bush for President

Another day, and we’re here to talk about another candidate for President of the United States, John Ellis Bush, aka Jeb. Jeb Bush is a former—and the only Republican, ever—two-term Governor of Florida. His father and older—smaller, but older—brother lived in the White House, collectively, for 12 years. His wife Columba was born and raised in Mexico. And that’s what makes him qualified to be POTUS, in the eyes of many members of the Republican Party

Jeb Bush carries the “smarter brother” appellation in the Bush family. Why? Who knows. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University… Continue reading

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