Turn, Turn, Turn. From Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, written by the totally awesome Peter Seeger, and sung here by The Byrds, Turn, Turn, Turn addresses transitions. As it happens, this post deals with transitions, too. Imagine that!

I’ve been blogging here since February 8, 2014. 922 days. (Mark Rubin Writes includes about 20 essays from a prior site of mine.) When I started MRW the office administrator at the firm with which I was affiliated expressed concerns about staying power. “Will you keep it up,” she inquired with more than a bit of skepticism. Since she was and remains… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 8/17/2016

Donald, we love you just the way you are! Read Donald Trump Drives a Stake through the GOP’s Heart: ‘I Don’t Want To Pivot’ by Lauren Fox for for the back story. This man just keeps on giving, making it hard not to reach the conclusion that he is: (a) a D plant; (b) as dumb as a potted plant; or (c) not interested in the job. (Truth be told, the Curator and his alter ego think the guy must be the center of attention 24/7, and cannot fathom how that might work if he was civil, calm, and… Continue reading

Life Lessons

I’ve been busy with work, Max, and lots of life lately. Walking this morning, I noted some life lessons which grow out of food and related stuff.

Life Lesson No. 1: Tools Matter. For most of my life I’ve heard about tools. They’re necessary for success, even if they’re not always sufficient. And for an overlapping period of time, roughly, I’ve been making pizza. For many years, the act of making pizza from scratch was enough. “You made that. From scratch?” For a long time how good it was mattered little.

Then, as pizza improved, I had to step… Continue reading

How low can you go, Donnie Boy?

From the world of “How low can you go, Donnie Boy,” here’s Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker. So, how low did Donald J. Trump go today? Well, the New York Times has the story in a very balanced piece by Nick Corasiniti and Maggie Haberman: Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act against Hillary Clinton. Here’s the money quote:

If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.

Michael Hayden, the retired Four Star Air Force General and former head of the… Continue reading

Estate Planning for Smart People

Estate Planning for Smart People does take off on the better known series. And, for sure, I’m not offering a full-fledged book here. Instead, I write to share some thoughts and provide some guidance for a particular group of people: smart people.

If you’re here you’re a smart person. Why? Because you’re devoting time and energy to the estate planning process. It’s a process, for sure, and it does take time and energy. And lots of thinking!

For many reasons the whole estate planning thing makes people uncomfortable. Here are some of those reasons:

The Wednesday Curator – 8/3/2016

Where do I begin,” asks the Curator, “to tell the story of how great a love can be, … .” Remember, 16 years ago, when the world was in an outrage about Vice President Al Gore. He claimed he inspired Oliver Barrett IV, the male protagonist in Love Story. True? Not true? Who knows, although the link offers some support for the Vice President’s claims.

And then there was the invention of the Internet. Here’s A Cautionary Tale for Politicians: Al Gore and the ‘Invention’ of the Internet by Glenn Kessler for the Washington Post on… Continue reading

The Fourth Night at the Democratic National Convention

The fourth and final night at the Democratic National Convention has passed. Good on that, for this blogger has had his fill. Tired and ready to rest / get back to work.

My main thoughts focus on Chelsea Clinton’s introduction of her mom, and to Hillary Clinton’s speech. Before I press on, though, I must comment on Khizr Khan. (Here’s the speech.) Mr. Khan and his wife who shared the stage with him lost their son, Army Captain, Humayun S. M. Khan on June 8, 2004 in Iraq.

Mr. Khan shut down Donald J. Trump, both when he told… Continue reading

The Third Night at the Democratic National Convention

Third night at the Democratic National Convention. D voters? Did you listen to President Barack Obama’s three most important words? “Don’t boo … vote!” If you did, and if you do, call it “game, set, and match.”

For me the evening started with my former Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.). She followed her husband, former fighter pilot and astronaut Mark Kelly. Gabby’s recovery has been truly remarkable. She’s amazing!

There were plenty of great speeches. Former NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s speech tore the Donald a new one. Best line? “Truth be told, the richest thing about Donald Trump… Continue reading

The Second Night at the Democratic National Convention

The second night at the Democratic National Convention has passed. All Bubba!

President Bill Clinton gave a stem winder of a speech in support of his sweetie, Hillary Clinton. And his highlights reel describes a scary smart, dedicated person. focused on policy and making lives better, especially for the youngest among us. (Dahlia Lithwick wrote Bill Clinton’s Love Song for Slate.)

Yes, yes, I know Bubba hasn’t been an especially faithful husband, but that’s none of our damn business. (Frankly, he looked mighty frail and tired last night,. I suspect his boots may be on the high shelf for good.)… Continue reading

The Wednesday Curator – 7/27/2016

Democrats Make Hillary Clinton a Historic Nominee. ‘Nuff said!

Trump and Russia. Russia and Trump. Josh Marshall, who runs has put himself on the matter with, among other posts, What’s Going on With Putin and Trump and Why It’s a Big, Big Deal. A blogger, you say? Well, not just any blogger? Several years ago Randall “Duke” Cunningham represented part of San Diego County in Congress. Then, Mr. Marshall and others focused on him. Then, Duke Cunningham served almost seven years in prison. So if Josh Marshall thinks there might be a meaningful and… Continue reading

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