The Wednesday Curator – 8/3/2016

August 3, 2016

Where do I begin,” asks the Curator, “to tell the story of how great a love can be, … .” Remember, 16 years ago, when the world was in an outrage about Vice President Al Gore. He claimed he inspired Oliver Barrett IV, the male protagonist in Love Story. True? Not true? Who knows, although the link offers some support for the Vice President’s claims.

And then there was the invention of the Internet. Here’s A Cautionary Tale for Politicians: Al Gore and the ‘Invention’ of the Internet by Glenn Kessler for the Washington Post on November 4, 2013. Yes, Senator Al Gore (D-Tenn.) mattered when it came to funding which led to Defense Department funding of pre-Internet systems, which led to the Internet. Invented the Internet? No, although Albert never said he did. Something close to The sun rose, I’m here, It’s all about me? Absolutely!

Apologies for the Curator. He wanders into the past from time to time. His point? What’s passing for politics circa 2016 appalls. It’s simply dreadful and, for this week at least, that’s all about that!

But speaking of politics, at least in the broadest sense, here from The Paris Review is Robert Caro, The Art of Biography No. 5. Mr. Caro, Lyndon Johnson’s biographer, talks about this and that, including what annoys him most: “When will the next book be published?”

Read Voltaire’s Luck by Roger Pearson for Lapham’s Quarterly. (The Curator has really walked away from politics, at least for a day or so.) Mr. Pearson shares a very interesting story, along with beautiful paintings.

And just when you thought there was nothing more to be said about … streetcars, Slate offers up Did an American City Finally Build a Good Streetcar? by Henry Grabar. It’s an interesting piece about modern transportation.

Here from Montreal—a city on the Curator’s alter ego’s Bucket List—is Beauty’s Luncheonette. Thanks to for sharing. You’re seeing the a toasted Montreal bagel + excellent smoked salmon + plenty of cream cheese + tomato and onion, the A-1 breakfast, aka Beauty’s Special.



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