Sweet Things, and a Happy New Year

September 19, 2014

Business took me to Florence earlier in the week. No, not that Florence! I’m referring to Florence, Pinal County, Arizona. Yes, as faithful readers know, my business involved the prison. And no, there’s nothing to share about that.

What I am writing about is the apple fritter. Here’s the one I bought at Eugene & Kim’s Place.


Look for Eugene & Kim’s Place at 199 E. Butte Ave. in Florence, across the street from the county complex and the old courthouse. (I’ve included a shot of Eugene & Kim’s Place, along with a downtown Florence pic. For Murphy’s Romance fans, the streetscape may look familiar.)


I’ve eaten several donuts from Eugene & Kim’s, as I tried three or four cases—and argued many motions—across the street. (I hadn’t been to Florence in so long that, when I was driving back from Flagstaff weeks ago and we used the Florence highway needed to avoid the haboob in Phoenix, my friend had to tell me the fancy new building was the fancy new courthouse.)

Now, that pretty looking fritter never found its way into me. It was a great air freshener on the drive from Florence to Tucson after my prison time. Then, it added to what seemed like a constant quantity of food in the kitchen at work this week. (Lots of treadmill time this weekend.) And it brought back fond memories!

Back in the day, between 1983 and 1999, I worked in a high rise office building. Twenty-two stories, although floors 2-6 did not exist. In the lobby was a little shop, run by Gordon, who stocked his shop with donuts every morning. And like a dog who expects her treat before dinner, every day, hungry or not, I bought an apple fritter from Gordon every morning. And ate it! (I also baked chocolate chip cookies five days a week and sold them through Gordon. You could have called me Marvelous Mark for a time—a la Famous Amos—but baking cookies was not a money-making venture for me!)

Anyway, I mourn the loss of fritters in my life, although I do appreciate my 26.2 BMI (and would be happier if it was under 24.) That all said, I did a bit of research and found this recipe for Baked Apple Fritters from Gold Medal Flour. Office mates and The Nature Conservancy crew can expect them come Monday, in honor of fritters and Rosh Hashanah. For my Jewish friends, may you have a sweet and healthy 5775!

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