Anniversary/Milestone for Mark Rubin Writes

February 7, 2015

Wow! Mark Rubin Writes celebrates two milestones on February 8, 2015. First, it’s MRW’s first anniversary. Food Writers Have Foils: barleymash appeared on 2/8/2014. Second, when I get my act together and put up my Sunday post it’ll be the 300th MRW substantive post.

It’s still tons of fun to have a forum for my notions about this and that. And, having a network of readers who read what I write delights me no end. All in all, a real kick in the pants! Thanks so much!!!

P.S. “A real kick in the pants” comes from …? I’m pretty sure I heard Paul Newman say it once. I have no idea what he meant, but he seemed to associate the term with something good, and I think he’s one of the finest people who ever lived.

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