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May 10, 2014

Blog Business!

Thanks so much for following Mark Rubin Writes! No regular post today, but I’ll be back on Sunday, and mostly regular again thereafter. (This is my first weekend since early March without trial/seminar prep or travel; lots to catch up on at home.)

A few things:

I met with someone about her work yesterday, and she asked me about sharing my blog with her friends. “YES,” I said!!! I’m writing for an audience, and this is definitely one of those—more is better—situations.

Recall that the work inquiry—posted about a week ago—asked you all to be my subjects about how you spend your work day. Two interviews down, and both have been very interesting and lots of fun. I’d like to do several more. (You get lunch, a cocktail, or coffee—your choice—on my nickel and you get to talk about yourself. Sounds like a pretty good deal!) You can be anonymous or not, and you’ll get review rights before anything gets posted. And, and this is important, I have a list of subscribers, and I know my “likes” on Facebook. Please don’t make me call on you!

Finally, guest bloggers welcomed, as well as topic suggestions. I’ve got lots of stuff in the works, but different voices and ideas make for a more interesting blog.

Be well, enjoy the weekend, and early Mother’s Day best wishes!

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