Candy Bars

November 21, 2014

The Mesch, Clark & Rothschild booth was all set up and ready for the Tucson J’s first annual Family Wellness Expo. (An excellent event, by the way, and Tucson people should all attend next year!) I had my tip sheets for wills and other end-of-life issues. (We used the booth to talk about estate planning as part of family wellness; more on this topic soon.) Banners. Easel, with only two extra parts after set up, and it never fell down! Quiz sheets, business cards, candy bowls filled with little chocolates. Ready to go!

Five minutes before the start, along comes Dr. SWMNBN (She Who Must Not Be Named), a pediatrician, and one of my favorite people. “Mark,” she says, all doctor-like, “candy at a wellness expo. Really?” Totally flummoxed I was, and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to use that word—flummoxed—for months. Speechless, really … and under the table went the candy, along with the two glass bowls. Wish I’d thought about raisins and almonds!

So now I have candy in my office. I eat a few pieces every day—probably 2-300 calories worth, and that will have to stop—and I’ve learned something important. With a bowl of candy in your office, you get visitors!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had candy on my mind. Still there, and now I have this stash. I’m realizing, though, that I really don’t like the stuff I have. Hershey Bars are very sweet, Baby Ruth’s leave me with dental detritus, and someone ate all of the Butterfingers. The Milky Way Midnight Darks are OK, I guess, but the dark chocolate bars in our chocolate drawer at home—a veggie crisper in the fridge, to be sure we capture all of the important food groups—are much, much better!

So, if these were lemons I’d be making lemonade. They’re not, so I went with brownies. I’ve made York Peppermint Patty Brownies in the past, but peppermint patties are my go-to candy, not a problem to be solved. Here’s the crystal bowl on my desk at home, and there’s a Costco-sized box of the things in my office, ready when I’m done with the Expo leftovers. (I bought lots of candy, and I’m liking the visitors.)


So here’s the recipe I’ve used in the past:  York Peppermint Patty Brownies. Use any mini chocolate candies as a substitute for the peppermint patties, or use the peppermint patties. Your call! Here’s my work product, using Milky Way Midnight Darks, Milky Ways and Three Musketeers.


If you work at Mesch, Clark & Rothschild, P.C. or at the Tucson chapter of The Nature Conservancy, please report in on your Friday morning treat. Scores of 5.8 or better on the 6.0 scale; Russian judges welcomed!!!



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