Elizabeth Warren for President

August 1, 2019

Elizabeth Warren for President

ESenator Elizabeth Warren for President

Elizabeth Warren

We’re into it already, 15 months before the 2020 election. Truly, fathoming 30 months of Trump, another 18 on the horizon, and the potential for 48 more escapes me.

I’m a pretty conservative fellow. No, really! Alright, by political measures I’m four blocks left of anywhere I happen to find myself. Otherwise, though, I really am.

I learned “go slow to go fast” from Old Friend Griff. When I handle a legal matter, I’m looking for the simplest and least expensive alternative (although, from time to time, I’ve pushed the edge of the envelope.) I believe in waiting your turn, minding your manners, and getting your facts straight before you open your mouth. Etc., and I’m leaving out sartorial stuff alone. (I get more than enough commentary about that subject at home.)

Conservatism aside, I’m all in with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and, even, Medicare For All. Why?

Intelligence and Discipline

First, Senator Warren brings to the table a level of intelligence and discipline not often found among elected officials. She’s a scholar of the effects of going broke, and how our laws affect this process. Serious work, which evidences the impact of unexpected health care costs, a lost job, and other unexpected events on our lives.

Why does the scholarship matter? She will care about policy. That it’s well-designed. That it will likely serve its intended purposes, with fewer unintended consequences.

People Matter

Second, Senator Warren clearly cares about people. Her campaign gimmick—well, one of them, for we’ll “I’ve got a plan for that” alone right now—involves, to date, 35,000 selfie photos with supporters. Anyone who takes the time to have physical contact with 35,000 people deserves serious consideration.

Physical contact. ‘s up with that? Touch matters. It’s a way in which we connect with one another. After what will be 48 months with a germ-a-phobic leader of the free world, it’s time for real world connections. I’m a devotee of the Robert Caro Lyndon Johnson series. Lyndon touched, to great effect.

Going Long

Third, we have little to lose going long. Forty-something percent of our fellow Americans will be for Donald J. Trump no matter what … although, as I write those words, I ask myself why Mr. Trump focuses so much energy on keeping tax returns undisclosed. Can his tax returns put him in a worse light than he’d be in if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue?

And the rest of us? It’s hard for me to imagine anyone else voting for Mr. Trump and, while some may stay home, I think Mr. Trump will, alone, make the case for showing up, no matter who the Democrats nominate.

There’s more on going long. Whether he realized it or not Mayor Pete Buttigeig, on July 30, 2019, threw Senator Warren (and Senator Bernie Sanders) a big assist when he said:

It is time to stop worrying about what the Republican will say. If we embrace a far-left agenda, they’re going to say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda, you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists. So, Let’s just stand up for the right policy and go out and defend it.

The Ds will lose the 2020 election if it gets fought on President Trump’s terms. And, if I’m right, that means the D nominee needs to be someone who will sell positions. Sell them hard. With passion and energy. And not spend time responding to POTUS or the dolts, Junior and Eric.

Health Care

Fourth, health care matters. Taking away employer-based insurance matters greatly. But, Medicare for All does not end employer-based insurance tomorrow, next week, or even next year. Details will matter, transitions take time, and boy howdy, this stuff gets complicated. That said, it’s time to go big, assuring those who are anxious that, with time, the hundreds of billions of dollars we pay to insurance carriers will fund a better system for us. (Here’s Senator Warren on going big: I don’t understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.)

One more thing! If the past has taught us anything, it’s this: the Republican Party will offer no solutions. None! Even now, more than nine years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, we’ve seen nothing more than bullet points. No replacement for the ACA. Nothing!!!


Finally, it’s time for real change! We’ve been led by 44 white men during the past 230 years. Enough!






7 Responses to Elizabeth Warren for President

  • I agree, Mark. She’s the only candidate I actually know (or used to know…). We overlapped at U of Houston law school where there were only of four women faculty members out of 45! Back then she was already passionate about consumer rights and protecting the little guy against big financial institutions. I’m a fan for sure — but I also really like Amy Klobuchar. She was back on the Senate floor yesterday fighting for immigrant rights. Pete Buttigieg is terrific, too, and Cory Booker has some stand-out moments in wednesday’s debate. We need someone who can beat Trump — almost nothing else matters.

    • Lots of talented candidates. I like–in the sense of, like as a human being–Elizabeth Warren best. (A childhood friend does political PR in DC. Mostly left side Jewish and Israel. He had Mayor Pete at his office and, when he has Senator Warren, I’m on standby to DC.)

      What I like most about Senator Warren is the steely-eyed focus on making the system work for regular people. Bernie doesn’t have the chops. As for the others, they all care about making life better for regular people, and any one of them, even Ms. Williamson, would better the status quo. Only Senator Warren talks in a way that suggests an appreciation for the challenge, and the need for structural change.

  • Whew, I agree with a lot and disagree with more:
    First I ascribe to our friend Larry’s comment that this is “exhibition” season, these are essentially tryouts. Choosing the “best” candidate at this time refutes your stated philosophy to “go slow to go fast.” What’s your hurry, Mark?
    I have my A list to watch and she’s on it but this is a marathon and there’s no need to pick the winner at milepost one. The best candidate will emerge.
    I’ll skip down the Medicare For All. There is NO plan for Medicare For All, it’s just a glib term. I along with my employer have paid 2.9% of every dime I’ve earned since the late 60’s for Medicare. I paid for 50+ years before it kicked in. You cannot simulate that! Also, people are risk averse and can be easily scared to death. Republicans, not just Trump, have been masters of misdirection and misinformation. It’s not just a matter of “they’ll call us socialists anyway.” Going big like this will take a massive education and PR effort to a population that gets their info in glib sound bites and 30 second ads…..and the Democrats have been lacking in that PR war for a long time. Voters today have very short attention spans and this is WAY too complicated to sell in one general election. Democrats need to emphasize a few substantive changes and hammer them home continuously. Scaring the crap out of people who have employer based coverage will not sell regardless of whether it’s better or not.
    Go slow to go fast, my friend.

    • Steve,

      Time for a drink, and thanks for your thoughtful comments. Respectfully, Larry G. has this one wrong. The winner(s) in the very early caucuses and primaries–the Iowa caucuses are six months away–will be the nominee and if one person doesn’t dominate early, the only remaining challenger(s). The exhibition season is simply a bad analogy, for it’s not a fully season where every contest stands on its one.

      I understand the Medicare for All concern, and I fret about it. That said, a traditional R v. D contest scares me if it’s all about Trumpian outrages. We need a disciplined, smart candidate who: (a) won’t give a sh*t what POTUS says about her or him; and (b) provides an opportunity for something more than traditional policies, sliced on the diagonal instead of some other way. Someone who will offer something really different, in a really serious way.

      Holler at me if it’s martini time.

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