Extra: We Didn’t Start the Fire (annotated)

April 5, 2015

Here at MRW we don’t routinely cite to ourselves, and I’m pretty sure we’ve never re-posted. No rule is absolute, however, and when reason dictates that we deviate, we’ll do the right thing.

We Didn’t Start the Fire (annotated) was first posted on July 13, 2014, almost nine months ago. It’s a long piece—5000 plus words—and lots of effort went into putting it together. Billy Joel, a very intelligent, serious songwriter/singer, put the song together and chose the people and events which mattered over forty years. Without his knowledge or consent, we provided the background information and commentary.

Now, routinely, we post for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday – Sunday. So consider this an Extra post, and a chance to read/re-read the back story behind a great song, and reflect on your past or the past that pre-dates you. Enjoy!

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