Happy New Year

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year

happy new year

Mark Rubin

Days go by fast or slow, depending on what’s up, my mood, etc. Weeks and months and years? They pass like a train in the biggest hurry to get to who knows where. 2018 already? Incredible!

With yet another loss at the end of a year, my mind wandered to an emblem of aging: more funerals than weddings. Googling that phrase took me to Ecclesiastes 7:2: It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart. Hmmm! From writings which include the reminder that there’s a time for everything and a season for every activity, which begat Turn! Turn! Turn!, The Byrds hit which was written by Pete Seeger.

We don’t go deep often here at MRW. I was raised on the Mother’s milk of effort + time = accomplishments, where money represents accomplishments. Perhaps, though, a bit of Ecclesiastes now and then might slow down that train. Or, maybe, if I was really focused on capitalistic accomplishments – as opposed to the full and complete life I work towards – that damn train would be barreling into the station right about now. Or last August.

This new year brings major professional changes. For about a dozen years I have been a Licensed Fiduciary. As a Licensed Fiduciary I can serve as a personal representative – the terms executor or executrix may be more familiar – or as a guardian or conservator, and charge for my services. Generally, I take cases which involve difficult assets, family dysfunction, or both.

I have operated my fiduciary practice under my personal license. Recently, I established and obtained a fiduciary license for Southern Arizona Fiduciary Services, LLC. Same fiduciary work, but I will be working through SAFS. I will also be more focused on developing the practice, and on providing continuity going forward. That’s a nice and moderately obtuse way of saying: I have more yesterdays than tomorrows. And in a business which focuses on providing services for aging adults and estates, yesterdays count for not very much.

More change. I will be practicing law with others very shortly. We’re not quite ready for prime time, as we’re dealing with naming issues, space, and all that. The nature of my practice won’t change, but I believe I will be able to provide better service in certain areas of my practice. Expect an announcement within a couple of weeks or so.

I’ve written exactly 444 words, with nary a mention of the world writ large. On that, the train rushes down the tracks, with an utterly clueless engineer, spewing stupid as fast as he can. Examples?* Here’s one from late last year:

In 300-some days we will have what passes for a referendum on Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party. Those of us who worry about a future – yes, a future, as in any future – can accomplish a 180° change. Mr. Trump may be around until 2020, but we can neuter him. He’ll bark, still, but neutered means … well, you know! Taking back the Senate and the House of Representatives, along with state legislatures and governors’ mansions, must be our grander mission for 2018!

In closing, thank you so much for following Mark Rubin Writes. 2017 was a spotty year for sure, but I’m finding my way back onto the tracks. I look forward to a more productive year here at MRW.

Happy New Year. Be well, and have a healthy, happy, and successful 2018!

*I had some technical difficulties, which explains the delayed happy new year wishes and the lack of any references to the mishegoss which our Momzer-in-Chief brought forth onto this new year.

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