I’m Back

December 12, 2017

I’m Back

I'm back

Mark Rubin

I’ve been AWOL. Plain and simple: G.O.N.E.

When I started blogging a dear friend – the law firm administrator at the firm which employed me in 2014 – wondered about my ability to blog regularly. A fair point … although I did post almost 700 pieces between February 2014 and October 2017. Roughly one post every second day.

History aside, I’ve been away … and, for a few weeks, the site has been unavailable. Explanation? I represented a client for several years. Stuff happened. Then, I represented the client again, with a jury trial scheduled for December 5, 2017. (Damn, is it really 2017? Can I go Back to the Future?) Jurors do what they will, including looking up counsel on social media, so I went dark. Then, the trial got continued … and here I am, thinking about The Only Living Boy in New York by Paul Simon. (Paul Simon is 76. Really? Feeling old, at 60.)

I expect to be back, full throttle, shortly. I will have significant professional news soon. Good news! In the meantime, expect more observations about the state of our crazy world, along with some thoughts about matters legal and personal.

Finally, the holiday season has begun. Hanukkah started Tuesday evening, Christmas is days away, and those who want to fight the alleged War Against Christmas have shields on and swords drawn. I guess I could be a war correspondent – that would be a cool gig – and report on the alleged war but, like, get effing real. Christmas rules. Ain’t no war a’gin it! Really, when you rule, claiming everyone is at war with you is so uncool!!!

Stay tuned for late year updates on anything that sparks my interest. Early in the new year, look for professional announcements. And in the meantime? Do what we – Americans – do best: love the holiday season. Eat more than you think you should.* Drink a little too much … responsibly. (Uber / Lyft are great, aren’t they, and Travis Kalanick never had anything to do with Lyft.) Within your means, shower your loved ones – and some people you don’t know, directly or through a recognized charity – with a bit of your bounty.

Apologies for my departure. Delighted to be back amongst you all!!

*On eating more than you ought to, I am so regretting the fact that I passed on part of the Hanukkah cookie I gifted earlier today.



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