It’s Personal. Very!!!

February 1, 2016

It’s Personal is one of Mark Rubin Writes’ several categories. My internal filter tells me 95 posts—about 20% of all posts—can be found in It’s Personal. (Many can also be found elsewhere, as posts often fall into two or three categories.)

In eight It’s Personal posts the word divorce appears. None refer to the one in which I was involved, the one which became final late last year.

You also won’t find, anywhere in an MRW post, a reference to the sale of the family home. The closing comes later this month.

There was also that little thing about changing jobs. Those details can be found in Big News!, for when you depend on clients to pay bills, you’re less than quiet about where you can be found.

The last 17 months I don’t wish on anyone. Nevertheless, there were some high points. For one, read Max A. Finch, Guest Blogger, written for guest blogger Max A. Finch, and posted on November 28. After 10 weeks and a couple of days, Max has come along very well, so long as we ignore a newly developed tendency to get more than a wee bit too friendly with some two-legged women.

We do what we must, and I’ve managed the period better than I expected I would. Writing for an appreciative audience has mattered greatly. A very civil divorce, borne out of mutual respect and abiding affection (and the knowledge that, together, Ms. J and I raised a very successful and most wonderful daughter), helped a lot. Having strong relationships with many relatives and friends also made a huge difference. And, that all said, without one friend I’m pretty sure I would have crapped out miserably.

I don’t plan to dwell on my personal life again anytime soon. Even reading the last paragraph makes me uncomfortable! So why now?

When you sell a home, you have to move. For that, there are movers. Alas, there’s also an accumulation of 20+ years’ worth of stuff. I’m moving in-city, into a much smaller place. Goodwill can haul lots of stuff away, but much of what I don’t want / can’t take will be wasted in a Goodwill store. And, as some of you know, neither me nor my home ever found a good reason not to host a get-together.

Details? Garage Sale. February 14, 2016, from 10 – 4. My home—by the way, it’s the home in which I have lived for 23 years and 11 months—is located at 5900 E. Placita Alta Reposa in Tucson. Out-of-towners? Sorry. My phone number is 520.481.1170. No need to RSVP; just show up, and please bring friends. Lots of stuff to be taken away. Good prices, and I’ll deal on almost anything. Finally, there will be refreshments, including adult beverages.

Thanks, and I hope I will see you on St. Valentine’s Day.

PS If you have questions, or any interest in an elliptical or large pieces of furniture, call me or email me at


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