News from the Work Front

October 8, 2021

News from the Work Front


Lawyers and the Canine Corps

I work from home, mostly. I went home on March 15, 2020 and when someone asked me why, I said, “Because my government recommended it.” I was 62 and I have residual lung issues. So, why now, fully vaccinated and only around vaccinated people? Working from home lets me think I am semi-retired. From attire to the nature and length of breaks, my days feel different in kind from the days – Days? Decades. – when I dressed up every morning, went to an office, stayed there until late afternoon, etc.*

So, the news? Rubin & Bernstein PLLC and our sister entity, Southern Arizona Fiduciary Services LLC move into new quarters around the end of the month. Our new building sits at the northeast corner of 6th Ave. and First St. It’s a grand building, constructed in 1905 and it’s surely got a history. (Stay tuned. We’re swamped with work and a move, and what happened over the past 115 years won’t change.)

new office

1004 N. 6th Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705

Truth be told, we have had an excellent run at 382 S. Convent Ave. and our Foothills Office, one block to the north at 307. Unfortunately, with eight employees, we lack space to operate efficiently. Matt still makes the walk between offices all day long. Leigh shares space with staff, and I schedule my little bit of office time around conference room use, as I have my setup there. We have loved our offices but it’s time to move on. As we do, though, we thank our landlords – the Rollings family and attorney Matthew Green – for taking very good care of us.

The new building offers plenty of room for our lawyers, as well as the people who keep us on task and humming along: Connor Tully, Lexi Gonzales, Melisa Aros, Sarah Kohler, and Susan Grant. We expect our Canine Corps – Ozzie Smith and Max Atticus Finch – to thrive in the new space and we know their angel, June Carter, of blessed memory, is watching over all of us.

But wait; there’s more. We have a first-class, enclosed parking lot with 10 spaces, and off-street parking without permit requirements. An excellent concrete ramp. Garden areas, (which will need Leigh’s and my assistance.) And a very nice kitchen with a Viking gas range and a dishwasher. A dishwasher in an office might be the most underrated piece of office equipment, ever. Oh, one more thing: we have a lovely front porch for … well, whatever.

Like a famous Phoenix restaurant, we expect people to enter from the parking lot, through the kitchen. In between work and move-in planning – it’s more involved that it seems – Leigh and I have been working on the interior space. It’ll pop! We both find office settings that suggest importance off-putting. The people we serve find themselves, often, at challenging times in their lives. That Too Serious experience that too many of our friends put forward heightens stress and, too often, interferes with the problem-solving approach we offer. (Partly, that view explains why we have our Canine Corps.) We want comfortable, tasteful but fun, and eye-catching. (About tasteful: I am itching to offer baked treats from time to time, and we have committed ourselves to good coffee and tea.)

Phone (520-623-3038), fax (520-979-3438) and email ( will not change. We remain in place to serve you until we move. Expect a two-day shutdown for the move, though we will have access to voicemail and email.


* The other day, I went to an auto dealership to get a new car. Strange experience, for there’s lots of pavement and very few cars. Salesman (speaking): So, are you retired? Me (thinking); Not a good start.



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