No Egos at Mark Rubin Writes. Pardon?

July 20, 2017

No Egos at Mark Rubin Writes. Pardon?

Mr. President

Here at Mark Rubin Writes we keep our egos in check. Truth be told, that’s not a challenge. There’s just me, Mark Rubin, and I show up with not a lot of ego. Psychoanalysis might explain the situation—the last go around, years ago, provided some insights—but for a lot less time, effort, and money (the 45 minute hour ain’t cheap), I’ll just stick with the length of my subscriber list, and views per day. Short, and not so many, and both explain adequately the lack of ego!

Ego issues aside, I read with interest Trump Team Seeks to Control, Block Mueller’s Russia Investigation, from the Washington Post on July 20. (The Post and the New York Times have shined during the six-month reign of Donald Trump, notwithstanding his snark.) The article reports on the restructured Trump defense team—Marc Kasowitz, sinking; Jay Sekulow, treading water; and John Dowd, rising—and also shares pardon talk.

Pardon talk? Yes. President Donald Trump, according to the article, has been discussing whether he can pardon family members and, perhaps, himself. I hope President Trump pays his attorneys a boatload of money to provide answers, for I prefer attorneys I despise—men like Kasowitz and Sekulow—to the man who sleeps in the White House. Get as much as you can from the two-bit grifter, guys!

Frankly, POTUS doesn’t need high-priced talent for answers. A 1L at a middling law school can say with confidence that President Trump can pardon the mishpocha. Maybe, just maybe, it takes a first-year associate to reach the conclusion that the president can pardon himself. (Yo, Trumpers—and yes, a few of you read my blog, even now—does it matter even a little to you that your hero discusses pardons on the six-month anniversary of his inauguration? Just a little?)

So about that ego thing. Here’s Pardon!, predicting the end game, and posted on June 16, 2017. I claim no credit for beating the Post by a month on the pardon issue. I’m just a guy with opinions, a website, and the ability to make words into sentences. Post reporters are rock stars. (One, Sari Horwitz, has three Pulitzer Prizes, and has been a friend—we lived down the street from one another in junior high and high school—for about 50 years.*) Still, I haven’t seen a piece about pardons which posted before mine.

So, what? I revealed something: psychotherapy. I shamelessly begged for more subscribers and viewers readers. And I shared the fact that I saw pardon coming more than a month ago. No ego here. Nothing to see; move along.

Yours truly,


Mark Rubin

*I own this space, and if I want to give an old friend a shout out, I will!

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