Notes From the Isolation Ward aka Home

April 4, 2020

Notes From the Isolation Ward aka Home

isolation ward

Me, before COVID-19

Hey there! I hope you all are well and safe. Apologies for not posting for 2+ weeks.

Sheltering in Place

I am sheltering in place. Our terrific crew at the office got me set up completely at home. Everything works, and I want for nothing (on the work side of life.) Well, not exactly! My office phone sits on my desk at home courtesy of something called … VOIP! And it rings. Often! Even when I call the office from it. Such troubles!!!

Personally, sheltering in place works. I’m writing on Saturday. I bought produce at 7:15 a.m. at Cardenas, where they reserve the 7 a.m. hour for old people … like me. The next few hours have had me resisting the urge to run out to:

  • pick up this or that because I saw a recipe,
  • get gin (vodka works OK, right?),
  • find a bigger drill bit to install legs on the liquor cabinet. (Long story, but the box sits on pavers right now, and I have time to attach the legs I bought.)

(Speaking of resisting, Richard Elias died a week ago. His messages always ended with: Resist. Much love. RIP, sir, You gave us all you had, and more!

Over the past several days, I have been to the office briefly a few times, made three trips to grocery stores, and am walking Max in the hood and on campus. That’s it. That’s all. (Oh, one work related meeting in a couple’s back yard, distanced, because I serve in a quasi-judicial role and needed to lay eyes on them.)

Legal Services

The courts exist, right now, only to deal with emergencies. We handle everything, just about, by phone, and we limit our demands on the courts, so that limited resources can focus on what must get dealt with. Put a bit differently, while legal services fall within Governor Doug Ducey’s list of essential services, that does not mean, however, “business as usual.”

Crises provide opportunities. The bit of a work slowdown allowed us to finally get our website finished. It’s up at, typos and errors included. Check it out, and expect the fixes shortly, along with more content from Leigh and me. And if you like the site, have suggestions for content, etc., contact us. (Errors belong to me. Major league shout out to my nephew, Jason Gleichman, for his patience and fortitude while I diddled, to Cate Rubin for great photos, and to Leigh, Matt, June, Ozzie, and Max, for looking so good. Stay tuned for staff appearances!)

isolation ward

Lawyers and the Canine Corps

Rubin & Bernstein rocks on. We’re helping people every day, almost always from afar. The process presents challenges, but the human spirit rises to the occasion. We can help you with estate planning needs and can deal with emergent situations which might require judicial intervention. We are also available for taking care of those tasks no one ever has time for. If you need help and and you’re not up to your eyeballs with worries, we can help you get you buttoned up, so that you’ll be ready when we hit the ground running.

Please contact us at 520-623-3038. If I answer on the second ring, you got me at home and you why I heard the phone ring.

Blessed we are. We’re healthy. (One of our people was sick for a few weeks but she and her SO have recovered, and none of us caught what she had.) Our practice addresses real problems for real people. And the Rubin & Bernstein DNA includes lots of helping nucleotides.

Be well and stay safe.




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