Personal and Business: Isolation News

May 10, 2020

Personal and Business: Isolation News

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Mark Rubin

My house has a more than 60’ long walking length, passing from kitchen to dining room to hall to my bedroom. I walk that distance, back and forth, every day. Hundreds of times. (During the past week I averaged 24K steps per day.) Max thinks I’m nutso, I’m sure, and Leigh removes all doubt. But … I feel wonderful, and the early morning steps – the real workout – and the walking breaks all day refresh me.

Veganism had crept into my life. Beef went away almost totally a few years ago, for Leigh worries greatly about prions. Who knows, but for the environment and everything else, we ought to stop raising cows for food. (We ought to stop slaughtering young men, too. Ban football and, as well, don’t take three months to arrest a couple of rotten to the core lowlifes who murdered a man for being Black While Running.)

Crept, I said. Canned fish still exists in my pantry, and I am slowly shrinking the cheese larder. No more pork, though, and chicken was never a choice, unless it was Trident tenders. Will I get there, completely? Probably not No, but beans and dark, leafy greens have become my new best friends.

So, dinner tonight appears below. Mushrooms, oven-braised in sake, with a Chili Crisp and sweet chili sauce; roasted cauliflower with Old Bay; canned, room temperature cold fava beans; and potatoes, twice-baked, free form. (Greens? I ran out.)


Spartan-ish, almost Vegan Dinner

I am awaiting lab results from the removal of my moles. Oddly, while I had a melanoma which freaked me out last year, I can’t scare up even a bit of fear now. In part, I am informed by the  insignificance of my 2019 cancer, in relation to what cancer patients deal with.

Doctor: It’s so small we hate to even call it a cancer, a melanoma. I wish there was another word for it.

Me: Me too!

But and, again, I speak only for myself, COVID-19 for people with symptoms sounds like hell on Earth. Here’s what I heard this morning on Morning Edition Sunday. Dreadful! I want a negative lab report but, even more, I want to stay safe and be well.

Our response to COVID-19 sucks. Clearly, looking back to the late 1700s and the design of our nation, and skipping ahead to 2020, the Anti-Federalists won. Our model involves 50 different responses, and we’re worse for it. In theory, at least, the federal government might have provided leadership, which might have caused most of the states to follow along. But … get effing real! Remember this, among all of the outrages we’ve seen from the president and his administration: in the face of White House employees testing positive, the protocol for old white guys remains – no masks.

Rubin & Bernstein rocks on. Lots of challenges, but with masks and gloves (and telephones), we’re getting the job done. If you need help, call us at 520-623-3038 or email me at

(The Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court issued Administrative Order No. 2020-75, which says courts can move toward normal operations as soon as June 1. We’ll see! The Pima County Superior Court has four elevators. Soon before 9 a.m. they can be packed for an hour or more. Not going there, am I!)

Finally, my late mom’s home goes on the market in the next week or so. A special place it is. My mom worked as an interior designer for almost 40 years, and she made her own home a showplace! Same number if you or someone you know might be interested.

Be well and stay safe.



P.S. I wrote about Michael Flynn here. I wondered what happens if  Judge Sullivan denies the government’s Motion to Dismiss. Looks like it might be a non-issue: as of now, I think the judge has before him a guilty plea. Next up? Sentencing.

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