Pizza … and Nothing Else … Almost!

August 14, 2014


Nothing to say today! Here, though, is the pizza I made and ate on Sunday. (Leftovers still in the freezer.) NY-style dough, mushrooms and green onions, along with a very light mozzarella base and a dusting of aged gouda. As tasty as any I’ve made.

And as for almost:  Here I am at the spelling bee for the Educational Enrichment Foundation. Have I yet mentioned my third place finish?

Spelling Bee

Finally, my sister Pam Gleichman makes a part of her living in the social media world. She sent me a link which suggested that success in the blog-o-sphere may involve “less is more.” This writer says three posts a week is best. So, readers, having given you a mouth-watering view of my pizza world (and wishing I could feed all of you), what say you? Less posts? We are about right? More is probably not an option, as I am at my limit now. Comments welcomed, and private messages at are fine, too.

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