Pizza Redux!

May 3, 2015

“Stay tuned; pics when the pies are baked!” were my last words earlier today. So, here’s Pizza Redux, with pics of the baked pie, and more!

Before I share the pie pictures, I need to mention the Barbecue Trail Mix I prepared, courtesy of Chef Edward Lee (from Louisville’s 610 Magnolia) and Saveur magazine. I wandered a bit, but it’s a mighty fine snack for sharing with cocktails. Easy to make, with no particular requirements, and I urge it on everyone. (I think key ingredients are the bacon and sesame sticks; otherwise, let your imagination and your cupboard rule, but you need to be sure you include some dried fruit and some nuts, no matter what!)


On to the main course. First up are two doughs.


With only one guest, I baked one dough into a small bread loaf. (It’s not worthy of a picture, and because it’s not alive any longer, I feel not bad at all about not sharing a picture.)

Next up is the pie, just before it hits the Baking Steel. There’s cornmeal, dough, mixed herbs, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, a bit more cheese, and some dried rosemary. (The pizzaioli forgot the roasted mushrooms; that’s the martini’s fault.) Into a 550º gas oven it goes, onto a one-quarter inch slab of steel which has been in the 550º gas oven for longer than any of us would wisely put ourselves in that place.


The end product—almost—looks great from the bottom up. The bottom matters, even though it seems like it shouldn’t, for if the crust is not cooked well, through and through, you’d be better off with Dominos or Pizza Hut.


Finished off with a bit of arugala, the pizza provides plenty of nutrition, along with a nod to each of the four food groups. A fine finish for a fine weekend!


[Note: Photos courtesy of my friend LB.]

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