September 26, 2014

On September 21, I wrote about Vaccinations (Not) and Rage! Then, just yesterday, I punted on comments about irritants from the world around me, focusing instead on Days of Awe. And, truly, until late this afternoon I thought I would pull my punches for a few days. But …

So what had me riled up? Enraged, really? Well, three things. First, there was latte-gate. The President of the United States got off Marine One—the helicopter we provide for his use—and, holding a paper coffee cup in his right hand, saluted a soldier. Fox News went ballistic, and maybe this will finally get someone to file the lawsuit against President Obama, for it is hard to imagine a more significant offense! (Truth be told, I should really be ecstatic that all is so well in the world that we have the time and energy to focus on something so insignificant.)

Here’s Sorry, the Presidential Salute Isn’t a Real Thing, by Brian Adam Jones, a former Marine who fought in Afghanistan. In the piece Mr. Jones explains the origins of the salute. It should surprise no one that the First Saluter was also our first movie actor president, His Highness, Ronald Reagan, a man whose ability to separate truth from fiction was, how do we say it politely when we’re talking about someone no longer among us, mostly non-existent. Etc., but I do encourage you to read Mr. Jones’ piece. (By the by, there are no reports that General-Presidents Washington, Taylor, Grant, or Eisenhower ever saluted a soldier.)

Second, I was annoyed by former Vice President Cheney being stunned by the fact that President Obama mentioned the Ferguson shooting in a UN speech about the Middle East. (I think President Obama mentioned Ferguson to “draw the sting” about everything not being perfect in America.) Well, gee, Mr. Vice President, with all of your and the Bush (II) Administration’s success in engendering good will toward the United States of America around the world, you’re certainly my “go to guy” when it comes to these issues. (Here’s Factcheck.org in Romney’s Reach on World Opinion of U.S. from March 2013. For sure, America’s standing in the world has taken some hits in the last year or two—that happens in tough times, for the big dog is supposed to make everything alright—but the numbers demonstrate that when Vice President Cheney President George W. Bush was running the country, the world viewed us with much less favor than it does now. And nothing much else was very good either!!!)

My last gripe related to claims equating Eric Holder’s Justice Department to a Black Panther-led group. Nonsense and poppy-cock! Eric Holder is a Washington establishment man who happens to remember his past and appreciate the present that his son and his son’s friends face in a country that, since we elected an African-American President, seems to be backsliding when it comes to how we treat regular black folks. I think often about the notion that if I am looking for my license and registration when a police officer stops me, I have no reason to be afraid. Not so much for a black man!

Now, I can’t not sum up my issues without linking you to Jon Stewart, on September 25. Here’s The Way We War, complete with “boobs on the ground” and W, saluting but holding not a cup of coffee … only because he’s holding Miss Beazley, his now deceased Scottish terrier. With the dog and the salute, there’s simply no way to manage a coffee cup!

Well, enough, you might say. And I told you I was hesitant to even go this route. Alas, late in the day I heard about Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-Col.), who has urged American generals who disagree with their Commander in Chief to resign. According to The Colorado Independent, in Rep. Lamborn Urging Generals Who Disagree with Obama to Resign, the Congressman said:

“You know, let’s have a public resignation, and state your protest, and go out in a blaze of glory. I haven’t seen that very much. In fact, I haven’t seen that at all in years.”

No you haven’t, Congressman, because for all of your phony patriotism, military leaders understand basic Constitutional principles. The military reports to the President of the United States, and follows his orders, Congressman. They get that. You don’t. And that’s a crying shame.


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