Read This Post. Please.

March 17, 2014

You’ve seen 35 substantive posts in 38 days, plus some Facebook extras if you follow Mark Rubin Writes on Facebook (and I hope you do). Piece of cake, actually, and I am enjoying the research, the writing, and the sharing. Lots!

I’ve learned three big things over my first 38 days. First, it’s best to get a few pieces “in the can” in advance. No late nights or early mornings yet, but I’ve gotten close.

Second, while Google and FB provide lots of measures—the cool word is analytics—I’m not smart enough to understand the reports I get. For purposes of page views I thought it mattered if I posted at 9:45 p.m. for the next day, versus posting early in the morning. (Subscribers get an email at about 7:00 a.m.) Alas, it might, but it might not! The analytics do inform me about one issue, though:  You all like the food posts best! Big time!!! I’m working on carrying my camera more and being more mindful of my duties. Stay tuned.

Third, while I get a few comments and FB posts, and I’m told I’m doing well in this regard, I don’t know—save food—if I’m providing information you all want to read and see. So, while I’m going to keep writing no matter what, if I know what you all want to hear about, I can be a more effective blogger. See me, phone me (624.8886), email me ( or, or comment. I’m all eyes and ears! Thanks.

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