Rochelle Rubin

October 26, 2016

Rochelle Rubin

My mom, Rochelle Rubin, died on October 22, 2016. Nobody expected this outcome, for she had survived killer events in 2002 and 2011, respectively. When miracles happen repeatedly, we expect them always. Alas, there are rules, and one of them says no one lives forever. We doubted that rule from time to time with Rochelle Rubin but … well … anyway.

My mom spent an extraordinary 80 years here on this little rock, floating through space. She left a legacy, through her family and her many friends, through her many business relationships, and with her body of work as an interior designer across North America. Rochelle was extremely talented, and blessed with the opportunity to bring pleasure to others through her work.

My mom had wonderful relationships with her children and grandchildren. But it was her relationship with the love of her life, Irwin Sattinger, that made her really light up. They gave one another so much, and truly adored each other. Even in her last few days she was recounting to her caregivers, like a schoolgirl, tidbits about her boyfriend.

Rochelle Rubin lived fully and optimistically, especially during the 14 borrowed years. We miss her dearly already, but we know that she died without regrets, ready for a new journey.

We will bury Rochelle on Thursday, October 27, in a private service. Family and friends will gather to celebrate her life at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday at The Lodge at Ventana Canyon, 6200 N. Club House Lane in Tucson.

I will get back to my writing in the coming days. I miss it, but I take comfort in the fact that at least one reader—Rochelle—enjoyed the break. My mom worried always that my rantings must be bad for business. “Can’t you tone it down,” she’d ask, plaintively, and not because she disagreed with what I had to say, or because she thought I would listen to her.

Somewhere, wherever good souls go, Rochelle Rubin is smiling. She knows she lived well, and that she will not be forgotten. She’s also sure in her own mind that her departure provided all of you with a respite, and that her illness and passing resulted in my not offending anyone who might need legal services, for at least a little while. Godspeed Mom!

Rochelle Rubin

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