Search Warrant at Mar-A-Lago

August 9, 2022

Search Warrant at Mar-A-Lago

B-Bye Donald J. Trump

Former Guy

The Federal Bureau of Investigation served a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, Former Guy’s Palm Beach Palace, yesterday. Let the whining begin!

I expect that the FBI and those in charge at Main Justice obtained the search warrant because they believe Former Guy / others have committed serious crimes. This man deserves no more respect than anyone else when it comes to investigations of criminal conduct. That said, I am confident that the powers that be understand prosecutorial discretion. Yes, if evidence suggests a crime, authorities should investigate. However, reports of a roach in the White House would not and should not generate a criminal investigation of WH occupants for possession of marijuana.

Merrick Garland exemplifies sober. He prosecuted the terrorists who blew up the Alfred Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. He was also involved with the Unabomber and Atlanta Olympics bombing cases. Big Deal cases. Expect no missteps from him: if he authorized the application for a search warrant, there’s a THERE in all of this.

My theory! Former Guy committed many crimes while he served as POTUS, and many, many crimes before we elected him. The basis for those conclusions? As for the later, read David Cay Johnston. Several books on Trump, and he’s got the goods on the guy. (Oops. Now you know to whom I refer when I mention Former Guy.) As for the former – crimes in office – I know grifters grift. They can’t help themselves.

I suspect the evidence the FBI gains from the search warrant and whatever else it has and finds will show a pattern of theft we cannot otherwise imagine. (We know, already, that Mr. Trump took classified documents, which constitutes a crime, but I doubt the likelihood that this splashy event had as its primary purpose confirming the wrongful taking of government papers.)

I readily acknowledge the fact that stealing from  the federal government presents many challenges. I know, as well, that no one can likely act without help from others. Again, though, grifters grift!

Am I suggesting a scenario in which a billion dollars or more ended up in the hands of Mr. Trump or someone he controls? Call me uncertain, which says far more than it ought to about a seemingly observer of modern times circa 2022. And if the evidence supports my theory? You likely read it here first!

My dear, departed friend Lowell Rothschild – Mr. R to regular readers – reminded me often during his last year that this country was strong, and would survive intact. I wonder often about that, and about what he might say now. Still, search warrants require judicial review. A search warrant, issued to gather material at a former president’s home, got the level of care and attention it deserved. The system works, at least so far … and I await the outcome with confidence that justice will be served.


I have news. I am a grandfather. Esteé Ora joined my family and our civilization on August 1, 2022. Everybody is healthy and joyful, and I will meet my granddaughter in person very soon. (If I stepped on the main event, I expect that, someday, Esteé will appreciate the times in which she joined all of us.)

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