Sky Bar and Brooklyn Pizza Company

March 20, 2014

I “bowl” on Monday nights. Not really, actually, but a close friend and co-worker gets therapy—his word, not mine—at the bowling alley one night a week. (He’s been engaged in this particular form of therapy for longer than I’ve been alive, and with the same main group for most of that time.) So, when he started nudging me about my Monday nights, I told him I’m “bowling.”

So here’s the truth, which may surprise very few readers. I’m a member of the Emperor Penguins trivia team. We play trivia on Monday nights at Sky Bar in Tucson, and have been so engaged since around November 2010. (Emperor Penguins, you ask? Long story, for another post.)

Alas, this story does not involve trivia, per se. Rather, I’m here to write about our venues, Sky Bar and its next-door neighbor, Brooklyn Pizza Company.


Sky Bar’s bar offers a wide selection of beers, a decent selection of inexpensive red and white wines by the glass and some very fine spirits. Really a great selection of spirits! The bar tenders also really know their stuff, so the spirits selection offers opportunities for some fine mixed drinks.

(I would comment more on the alcohol, but I have been dry since 1/1/14. More on this in a future post, but I made a commitment to myself to stop drinking for 90 days. [For a man of my advanced years, I thought I was having just a little too much fun!] One night’s exception aside, I have been alcohol-free, and I will remain alcohol-free until March 31, when I join my mates for trivia. They’re actually concerned about me, as we have only won once this year, and are six season reigning champions, and the only team that has ever won a season championship. “Must be sober Mark,” they say, trying to explain our recent poor performance.)

Alright, now for the best part, which is Brooklyn Pizza Company. Here’s the deal. We claim a table at Sky Bar. (You’d think six times a champion would bring with it reserved seating. Alas, no!) Someone walks next door to order the pizza. Cheese, usually, but if one of our mates can’t make it, meat might find its way onto the pie. We get knots, too, but no picture for you all. Sorry!


(Note:  Sky Bar and Brooklyn Pizza Company are solar powered. The second shot provides analytics about the solar power generation.)

A little while later, usually, the pizza arrives! (Because Sky Bar and Brooklyn Pizza Company have common ownership, the pizzas get delivered to you at the bar.)


Double-sliced, as we’re several people. Well done is best, as the few extra moments add some crispy, along with the bit of char that makes a good pizza great! Quoting from the Great One himself (John Herbert “Jackie” Gleason), whose girth suggests the possibility that he consumed a pizza or three during his magnificent career, “and away we go!”

P.S.  Here’s a quick pic of the E-Penguins in action. Light night, as we were missing three or four regulars. Pickles is the furry creature. She joins us from time to time, and we often win when she’s around. It really must be those martinis I’m not drinking that explain our record!!!






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