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September 4, 2014

I was driving home last week and listening to the local NPR station. I heard an interesting overview of five original movie studios, discussing their stars, niches, styles, etc. The piece, The Movie Studio System – Part II, was written by Chris Dashiell for Arizona Spotlight. It’s short and worth a listen, as is The Movie Studio System – Part I, which I listened to when I got home.

I’ve also run across a few other bits and pieces associated with film that might interest some. The ABA Journal, the American Bar Association’s monthly, published its 25 Greatest Legal Movies, presented here in an easy-to-access format (courtesy of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Library) and as a printable pdf list, thanks to Utah Valley University.

Also from the ABA Journal is a recent feature, 12 Movies with Pivotal Lessons Featuring Lawyers. Good stuff!

Not so very long ago I ran across AFI’s 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes. My favorites? 4, 10, 23, 27, 64 and 74. And my favorite which did not make the list? From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when they’re jump into a river:  Sundance:  I can’t swim. Butch: Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you.

Also enjoyable from the entertainment realm is The Oracle of Bacon. No, not that kind; this is a site where you can play the Kevin Bacon game, connecting any actor to Kevin Bacon by degrees of separation. Why? Why not? (You can also substitute any name for Kevin Bacon.)

Documentaries are not my first choice, but Ms. J and I happened on Spinning Plates, a great movie about three restaurants/restaurateurs, including a delightful couple who did not succeed at First Ave. near River in Tucson. Watch this movie!

Finally, here are links to the American Film Institute and Turner Classic Movies. They’re two great sources for film stuff! (I don’t know a term for the film world:  stuff is my best effort!) And finally, finally, there’s James Lipton. Mr. Lipton, who turns 88 in exactly two weeks, hosts Inside the Actor’s Studio on Bravo, an interview show from the New School University in New York City that focuses on one actor. (Here’s the Robin Williams show, from June 2001.) At the end of the show, on every show, Mr. Lipton asks his guest the same 10 questions, first developed by Bernard Pivot (a French television personality). Here are the questions, with my answers—no, I’ve never been on the show, but I’ve got answers nevertheless—from March 2010 and now:

1.  What is your favorite word? 2010:  Epiphany;2014:  No change.

2.  What is your least favorite word? 2010:  Pusillanimous; 2014:  Guns.

3.  What turns you on?  2010: Simple acts of kindness; 2014:  No change.

4.  What turns you off? 2010:  Cruel actions directed at children or animals; 2014:  Just add selfishness.

5.  What sound or noise do you love? 2010:  My daughter’s “Hi daddy, how are you,” on the phone; 2014:  No change.

6.  What sound or noise do you hate? 2010:  A telephone that is ringing in the middle of the night; it’s never going to be good news; 2014:  No change.

7.  What is your favorite curse word? F*ck then, F*ck now, F*ck forever! (This is a blog with a wide and varied audience; broad thinkers can contact me by email at to get a link to 4:28 on The Most Interesting Word in the English Language.)

8.  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 2014:  Professional writer; 2014:  Professional writer and chef.

9.  What profession would you not like to do? 2010:  Anything with a boss. 2014:  I have a managing partner—sort of a boss—and it’s OK, so I’ll say proctologist.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? 2010:  We’re glad you’re here, and glad you weren’t in a rush. 2014:  Welcome!


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