Supreme Court Update

June 18, 2015

Update from U.S. Supreme Court – What’s Left?: Decisions today in: (1) Reed v. Town of Gilbert, AZ, No. 13-502, the sign ordinance/church case; and (2) Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, No. 14-144, the Texas license plate case. In Reed the Court rejected the local sign ordinance unanimously, as MRW predicted. In Walker the Court upheld the state’s right to regulate messages on license plates. (MRW missed blew this one completely.)

The other four decisions—Ohio v. Clark, No. 13-1352; Davis v. Ayala, No. 13-1428; Brumfeld v. Cain, No. 13-1433; and McFadden v. U.S., No. 14-378—all involved criminal law matters. In Ohio v. Clark the state prevailed; in the other three cases the defendants prevailed.

MRW is one and one. Eleven cases await decisions, to be announced on the next two Mondays.

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