An epiphany About My Automobile

April 14, 2016

An Epiphany is “the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi,” according to Matthew 2:1-12. And an epiphany? “A moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way.” We’ll stick with epiphany here, sans the upper case E.*

I read The Absurd Primacy of the Automobile in American Life by Edward Humes for The Atlantic on Tuesday night. The article is adapted from Mr. Humes’ book, Door to Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation, purchased by me for Mark’s 3rd Kindle on Tuesday night. (It’s a great book, so far.)

Transportation has been my dirty little hobby for decades. At Beloit College in the mid-late 1970s

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