Congressman Roger Marshall, Poor People, and Obamacare

March 5, 2017

Congressman Roger Marshall, Poor People, and Obamacare

I read Republican Congressman: Repeal Obamacare Because Poor People Don’t Want to Be Healthy by Jonathan Chait for New York magazine with interest for several reasons. First, Mr. Chait writes very smartly about health care policy. Second, health care policy and Obamacare repeal fascinates me. Finally, hearing Rs ‘splaining poor people always entertains me.

In this case the congressman comes with credentials. He’s Roger Marshall, M.D. He was an obstretrician, and he’s a first-termer in Congress. He ran against and defeated Congressman Tim Huelskamp (Rep. – Kans.) easily in the Republican primary, and won the general election more easily. He’s the moderate to Congressman Huelskamp.

Here’s what Congressman Marshall said:

Just like Jesus

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