People Who Matter, and Those Who Don’t!

February 19, 2015

I read King David by Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic, posted earlier in the day. Mr. Coates received the George Polk Journalism Award for Commentary for The Case for Reparations, published in The Atlantic in June 2014. Big deal! In the essay he recounts how David Carr taught him to be a writer, sharing his thoughts on an extraordinary man who passed, who made a difference in his and many other lives.

However you see Mr. Coates’ on reparations for African-Americans, please read King David as a primer about how to be an inspiring boss and leader. Yelling may not be part of the playbook, and some people are one-offs, but Mr. Carr clearly knew how to inspire others,

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The Passing of Two First-Rate Journalists

February 13, 2015

In the course of slightly more than 24 hours two first-rate journalists died in New York City. Bob Simon of CBS News died in a horrific car crash on the West Side of Manhattan on Wednesday, February 11. And on Thursday evening David Carr collapsed and died in the New York Times newsroom. (Obits are from the Times, by Ashley Southall and Bruce Weber and Ms. Southall, respectively.)

Mr. Simon was on 60 Minutes for almost 20 years. Earlier, he was a war correspondent in Vietnam and several other hot spots. In 1991, while he was covering the Gulf War, he was captured by the Iraqi Army and held for 40 days. He recounted his being a prisoner in 40

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