Greetings from Killarney, Cork, Ireland

June 28, 2018

Greetings from Killarney, Cork, Ireland

killarney deer

Deer in Killarney

I’m writing from Killarney, Cork, Ireland. Leigh and I are here to celebrate our friends’ 20th wedding anniversary. That happened yesterday evening. Lots of fun!

In a bit we are off to Cork. We return to England Friday evening, and are back home on Thursday the 5th. We’re having a grand time, but we’ll be happy to get back to our regular rhythms. (Happy may be a strong word!) We do, though, wonder who will be happiest when we get back? Max and the Corgis, June and Ozzie? Or us, because Max and the Corgis will be among us?

Ireland has been lovely. Much calmer than Great Britain. Dublin felt

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