Carson Crashing!

November 7, 2015

Carson crashing? Seems likely, and it’s not surprising.

The newest Ben Carson story is about West Point. Did he apply and get offered a full scholarship, or did someone tell him he could go there for free, and did he really meet Army General William Westmoreland or not? The particulars are in Politico’s bombshell story, Exclusive: Carson Claimed West Point ‘Scholarship’ But Never Applied.

The West Point story is of a piece with Dr. Carson’s report about being held up at gunpoint at a “Popeyes organization,” a story covered by MRW in Dr. Ben Carson on October 10. Then, of course, there’s Ben Carson Defends Himself against Allegations That He Never Attempted to Murder a Child. Eric Levitz

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Daley and de la Torre on Palin

October 29, 2015

William M. Daley is a former White House Chief of Staff and Commerce Secretary (and Mayor Dick Daley’s son and Mayor Richie Daley’s brother.) So when he talks politics, he deserves our attention.

On October 25, Secretary Daley wrote The GOP’s dysfunction all started with Sarah Palin for the Washington Post. I read it, and it resonated. Then, on October 27, I read Dr. Laura de la Torre’s two pithy paragraphs on Facebook. With permission, here’s what she wrote:

I respectfully disagree. Saying that Sarah Palin was the start of Republican dysfunction is like saying the amputation of the toe was the start of the diabetes. It’s true that it all got worse after that – now the

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Venerating Legislatures and Bashing Courts

May 11, 2015

Many people venerate legislatures, at the expense of courts. Most recently, Dr. Ben Carson, a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, said:

We have to understand how the Constitution works. The president is required to, you know, carry out the law of the land. The laws of the land come from the legislative branch. So if the legislative branch creates a law, or changes the law, the executive branch has responsibility to carry that out. It does not say they have a responsibility to carry out a judicial law. And that is something we need to talk about.

(If you think a doctor doesn’t know because, you know, blood and all that, read Huckabee A

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