Gotta Love Those Rs on Health Care

July 15, 2017

Gotta Love Those Rs on Health Care

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.)

Republicans love them their free markets. In response to any problem, we hear about markets. Free markets require rational, knowledgeable buyers and sellers, acting freely. Advocates tell us free markets will always allow us to achieve optimum outcomes. That’s the mantra!


Rational? Easy it is to talk about too much spending in the last year of people’s lives, but if it’s your mom or dad, well … that’s different. I’ve been there, at both ends of the spectrum. When you love someone, don’t expect rational judgments.


Knowledgeable? Uh, no! We spend a fortune educating and training health care providers, and I say we because, while students pay

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Senator Rand Paul for President

April 11, 2015

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced his candidacy for President of the United States on Wednesday, April 7, 2015. So far, it’s a safe bet that his campaign has seen its apex.

Senator Paul is a legacy candidate as the son of former Congressman and three-time presidential candidate. (2x as an R, and once as the Libertarian candidate.) He’s 52, and seems much younger. He’s an ophthalmologist. And he’s definitely challenged.

This version of the Paul presidential campaign got off to a bad start. Here’s Chris Cillizza on April 8 for the Washington Post with Rand Paul’s problem with female interviewers just cropped up again, describing the Senator’s problems with homey and Today’s show host—and fellow member of the State

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