Indiana, Again!

April 3, 2015

As faithful MRW readers know, there are stories we report on, and then there are stories! Indiana is a story!

Here from March 31 is Amy Davidson for the New Yorker, writing Why a G.O.P. Gambit Backfired in Indiana. Ms. Davidson writes well, and she offers the traditional take on the situation: Governor Pence and the Indiana legislature f*cked up, big-time.

Then we have the matter of pizza and weddings. Memories Pizza, in Walkerton, won’t cater same-sex weddings. (Like, sure, lots of couples, whatever their gender preferences, want this joint to handle the wedding gala.) Madeline Buckley wrote Threats tied to RFRA prompt Indiana pizzeria to close its doors for the Indianapolis Star, updated on April 2.

Now, I’ve

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