Border Fiasco and More

June 16, 2018

Border Fiasco and More

border fiasco

President Donald Trump

History matters. Beginning in the late 1930s, German and Eastern European Jews sought refuge in the United States. They were trying to avoid a killing machine. Today, Central American women and children—and men, too—show up on our southern border, running from violent gangs which, with none of the Nazi structure, leave their victims just as dead.

The U.S. government said no to the Jews, mostly. That those in power came from the left side of the political divide insulates them not at all for me. That geo-political issues explain the decision provides more cover for the Roosevelt Administration but, as with the internment of Japanese-Americans, history does not honor the path our government

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I Have a Question

January 17, 2015

An old friend—both in age and years as a friend—often says “I have a question,” and when he does, everyone listens. Think about the old E.F. Hutton commercials, which had an announcer stating:  “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”

My old friend and I are separated by 10,999 days—who knew?—but the age gap does not mean I can’t say “I have a question” every once in a while. So here’s mine:  If America is the greatest country ever, emblematic of exceptionalism and to be revered no matter what, why are we so broke?

My questions comes to mind for several reasons. In Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey has announced his new budget, proposing higher education budget cuts of $75,000,000.

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