Go Tories

September 4, 2019

Go Tories

go tories

Mark Rubin

Parliamentary democracy and the U.S. system differ greatly. It’s no small thing that across the pond the Prime Minister does not appear on any national ballot. The Prime Minister (Boris Johnson), one of 500 Members of Parliament, answers to: (a) his constituents in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, in West London; and (b) the Conservative Party, which can replace him as its leader.

Here, of course, we the people elect our national leader, Donald Trump.* He leads his party and our nation, but he holds office for a fixed term, subject only to: (a) impeachment and conviction; (b) death or incapacity; and (c) the voters on November 3, 2020. And, because of his appeal

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Where Art Thou, Grown Up Republicans?

November 27, 2015

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning thinking about the Republican Party, and about Republicans. I was wondering where the grown ups are. What happened to the merchants, bankers, land developers, etc.? Main Streeters? And Wall Streeters?

I posed the question because Republican Party primary polls—whether state-by-state or in the aggregate—show Donald Trump leading, consistently and by not insignificant margins. His positions are anathema to the business community, writ small or large. He dumbs down everything. He thrives on division and incivility. In the words of a gentleman lawyer with whom I worked many years ago, he’s not a “quality person,” and if my friend was still alive he’d be a horrified Republican.

Coming up on the outside rail is Senator

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