Days of Awe / Personal Reflections

October 1, 2017

Days of Awe / Personal Reflections


Mark Rubin

The Days of Awe aka High Holy Days—the days which encompass Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur—ended at sundown on September 30. Ten days, for reflection and repentance. Jews look back, of course, for reflecting and repenting demand that perspective, but our most important 10 days are very much about going forward.

Reflecting, in a blog, leaves me totally comfortable. Repenting? Not so much. No big confessions here!

During the last several days much has been on my mind. The sorting process leaves me focused on Luck* and Openness. (There’s also a trial in eight weeks, moving, PredictIt –my new cool distraction, etc.)

Luck and I know one another well. A better

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The Wednesday Curator – 12/3/14

December 2, 2014

Thomas Frank is a very smart, very provocative thinker from the Far Left. (I often find myself thinking “wow, I’m pretty moderate” when I read his stuff.) With those introductory comments, I give you Thomas Frank on Ronald Reagan’s Secret Tragedy:  How ’70s and ’80s Cynicism Poisoned Democrats and America from Salon on November 16.

Thomas Edsall is another “deep think” writer. Here’s The Demise of the White Democratic Voter from the New York Times on November 11. Feeling lonely after reading this piece!

From blogger Bill Gates on November 18, here’s Online, All Students Sit in the Front Row, focusing on higher education coming out of the Phoenix. Lots of talk about innovation, and if Mr. Gates

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