Thank You, Donald Trump

June 13, 2022

Thank You, Donald Trump

thank you

Donald Trump

Thank you, Donald Trump. Thank you for your nonsensical response to the, so far, proceedings of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. Thanks, also, for being the ignorant fool who tried to break us … and failed. Thanks, too, for serving as the canary in the coal mine, letting us see clearly who we are and what the future might offer. (Personally, I say thank you, for that 12 page response sparked the thoughts that allowed me to write this piece..)

Mr. Trump and those who still slavishly adore him tell us we should focus on inflation. Baby formula. Mental health. (No guns, pretty please!) Leave alone this tired old nonsense about some tourists who got a little feisty on the first Wednesday in January, last year. Wait, what. Feisty people? I thought they were government operatives, doing that false flag thing. Or, maybe, Great People, protecting … whatever.

Mr. Trump and too many who follow him don’t appreciate first principles. When Mr. Trump tells us inflation matters more than democracy, he shines a light on his failings. Ditto for immigration worries, blah blah about light bulbs and toilets flushing, and everything else this “teetotaler who sounds like every blowhard at the bar” sounds off about.

First principles? Yes. Democracy. The right to engage and be heard. To be safe and secure. To have your government treat you with dignity and respect, because of how you look, who you love, or what you believe.

Until we get right about first principles, we’re pissing into the wind. And, frankly, the air feels too damp, too often, and it’s not on account of the kind of moisture we want.

So, thank you? Why? It’s simple. Mr. Trump gave us the poor man’s version of our future, while we still have a chance – not much of one, for sure – to change it. We can debate whether Mr. Trump fits the poor or rich man’s image of a rich man, and you should read the link, but no one should think Mr. Trump knows fuck all about accomplishing anything. Yes, he got lots of judges confirmed. Same outcome for any R president. He got a big tax cut. Ditto. And he got the adoration he wants and craves. More than any politician I’ve ever observed.

Again, thank you because? He’s the dispensable canary, who existed to warn us about Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.). Senators Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.). Etc. Mr. Trump got his 15 minutes. Maybe 30. However long his time was or will be, he’s shown others – brighter, more disciplined and capable, and certainly more sinister – the way.

As an add-on, though, Mr. Trump gives us the chance to focus on the future. It’s ugly as all get out, but it’s observable, changeable, and stoppable. (For sure, we need to understand the past. Go, Committee! Under every rock … !)

Maybe the January 6 hearings will destroy Mr. Trump. DeSantis, Cotton, and Hawley likely hope so, for Mr. Trump clearly has a certain magic with the masses. That said, Mr. Trump is 76 on Wednesday, when most of you will read this post. The others are, respectively, 43, 45, and 42. The future does not belong to Mr. Trump!

What then, about my thank you? I offer it to remind all of us: this momzer gave us fair warning about what our future looks like if we don’t act. Kudos for the Select Committee’s discipline in presenting its findings. I cannot recall a Congressional hearing, seen in person or otherwise, where every committee member didn’t offer up at least several minutes of “Look. How. Great. I. Think. I. Am.” Bless the black man from Miss’ippi and the soon to be former Congresswoman from Wyoming for appreciating the art of storytelling.

Voting counts most and if we all vote we can stem the tide. The times require more, though, for this slog will require decades and, for many of us, it amounts to planting trees for our grandchildren. We can save this country, but we need to appreciate both the amount of necessary effort and the fact that a few miscues will leave us with nothing but fumes.

Save our nation! Our freedom requires it.

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