The Kavanaugh Affair, Again

September 27, 2018

The Kavanaugh Affair, Again

Mr. Goody Two-Shoes

Brett Kavanaugh

The Testimony

Well, that happened. Ugly, but at least I won’t read any more comments about how the *** won’t even show. (Right Winger foul language about women leaves me cold.) She showed up. She spoke. And for no personal or political gain.

As my day played out, I heard more from Brett Kavanaugh. No one should vote for this man to serve on any court, based on his performance. Sure, he was under pressure and felt attacked. Still, he—a sitting judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia—sounded and acted like a thug. He interrupted senators. He offered snarky responses. Rude and surly.

Of course, President Donald Trump loved the show. Here’s his tweet:

Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The Senate must vote!

On September 3 I wrote Justice Brett Kavanaugh. When I wrote The Kavanaugh Affair a week ago I said: “Still, I see nothing which gives me a reason to think I got the expected outcome wrong 2+ weeks ago.” On September 27 I thought the Senate was a lock for the entitled man.

My mind changed this week. As I read and heard more about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford I thought her humanity and dignity would bring out the better angels within the majority. We shall see, of course, but the fawning over Mr. Kavanaugh left me in a most sour state, about this matter and the state of our nation. Truly, I thought he would take a pass after she testified. Wrong!

One More Things, Or So

I want to address one other issue: Julie Swetnick, Michael Avenatti, and Ms. Swetnick’s allegations. First, Mr. Avenatti is a loathsome character. I didn’t take up law to share a profession with the likes of him.

Second, and like most people, I know nothing about Ms. Swetnick, but for what I’ve read. Public school kid, who hung out with some of the rich kids. Troubled past, but seemingly capable.

As well, I don’t know what happened in Maryland back in the day. But I’ve heard plenty of stories which are totally consistent with what Ms. Swetnick reports. Privileged guys. Too much alcohol. Women lacking capacity. And … you know the rest!

Mr. Kavanaugh’s abject failure to acknowledge bad behavior in his midst leaves me cold. His supporters rely on “boys will be boys” as a defense, while the person they defend acts as though he grew up in a clean room full of six packs. Come on, Brett Kavanaugh, really? You were Mr. Goody Two-Shoes? All of your friends, too? Really!!!


Tomorrow will come, and we will surely know more about the fate of our nation. I am a betting man on this issue, and I suspect I got out ahead of my skiis, for I think (and fear) the U.S. Senate will prove my September 3 prognostication right.* And to what end, all of this in the interregnum? A heightened awareness about sexual violence, among those with open eyes and ears. And. Nothing. Else.

*My fantasy? Senators Bob Corker (R – Tenn.) and Jeff Flake (R – Ariz.), both of whom are retiring, vote no and give any of their wavering colleagues a pass.

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