The Wednesday Curator – 10/28/2015

October 27, 2015

[Alt 1]: Here’s some discouraging news: The Debt Ceiling Is Coming! Jim Newell wrote this piece for Slate on October 23, and subtitled it Can John Boehner, Paul Ryan, or someone do anything about it? I’m writing on Sunday, October 25, at 7:35 p.m. Tucson time, and have seen nothing to suggest that there won’t be a default on Tuesday, November 3.

[Alt 2]: Here’s David Herszenhorn’s October 27 piece for the New York Times, Congress and White House Reach Tentative Budget Deal. The deal covers the budget and the debt ceiling. Julie Hirschfeld Davis has offered analysis for the Times, titled Obama Wins on Budget Deal as John Boehner Cleans Out the Barn. [Read No Government Shutdown … I think!, posted 32 days ago, for thoughts about what might happen this week. Mark Rubin Writes is an “I told you so” free zone; this is a close as we get to “nailed it!”

I like Alt 2, for sure, but the Freedom Caucus does not, just as certainly, … and they vote in the House of Representatives. So we’ll see.

Amy Davidson has written The Hillary Hearing for the New Yorker’s November 2 issue. On the New Yorker’s table of contents page the headline writer added: “She managed to come across as the most normal person in the room.” Well, duh!

The juxtaposition of the debt ceiling problem and the 11-hour Benghazi hearing is not accidental. The majority in the House of Representatives does not seem to appreciate anything other than silly, stupid, childish gamesmanship. We claim we’re exceptional, and the most powerful, prominent nation which has ever graced this hunk of rock we all inhabit. And we’re going to blow our credit rating? Really? And while we’re doing that, we have people focused on “let’s get Hillary.” Truly amazing!!!

From The Atlantic here’s “We Need an Energy Miracle” by James Bennet for the magazine’s November issue. Once again, Bill Gates is stepping up. Gee, shouldn’t energy and climate change be issues begging for Congressional leadership? Well … not if the leadership thinks there’s “nothing to see here, move along.”

I’m a huge Terry Gross fan. I missed Terry Gross and the Art of Opening Up in the 10/21 Sunday New York Times Magazine. Now I’ve read it, and you should too!

By the time many of you read this I’ll be on my way to Washington DC. For food I’ll be eating at Zaytinya, a Middle Eastern place. Kevin Hsu of—my favorite restaurant blogger—has the goods right here.

I know that I usually often share a burger picture. Alas, and at least for this week, I’m “off meat” mostly, given the new report that red meat is “probably carcinogenic.” So I checked in with Best Vegetarian Burger in Washington DC and found this very funky looking thing at The Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan. Check it out:


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