The Wednesday Curator – 10/7/2015

October 6, 2015

Peter Wehner is a Republican. He worked in the Reagan Administration, and for Nos. 41 and 43 (Bush père et fils). Seeking President, No Experience Necessary is his offering to his party, not that its majority will pay him any due. (From Breitbart News you can read Peter Wehner: The Bush Machine’s Progressive Hitman if you doubt me.) Mr. Wehner makes smart points about how to engage with those who might be receptive to Republican Party core values. Alas—and from the other side, I’m pleased—the party as it’s presently constituted will not pay him any mind.

Rehearsing for Death: A Pre-K Teacher on the Trouble with Lockdown Drills by Launa Hall, an Arlington, VA teacher, brings to all of us the practicalities attendant to tolerating so-called Second Amendment rights. Her last sentence? “It’s time to stop rehearsing our deaths and start screaming.”

Why Airlines Collude To Make Flying As Miserable As Possible, at Daily Kos as of January 1, 2015, brought some clarity to travel issues. I’ve been on Southwest Airlines the last several days, and fly SWA whenever I can. The legacy carriers are awful, in my opinion, and the cited piece shares some explanations. It should surprise no one that the overarching rational for lousy service is $$$.

I must be candid: Des Moines has always fascinated me. I’ve been there twice and have read much which tells me the city is not for me, Iowa jokes aside. Still, Why Des Moines Is a Millennial Paradise Right Now by Amy Wang for The Atlantic caught my eye. Maybe it’s the fact that I spent four of the last six days with an employed Millennial in Rochester, NY—more on that soon (and about sweet potato fries very soon)—but the offbeat places in our country fascinate me. Andy Warhol told us everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes, and I’m thinking the principle applies to communities: They will all have their time in the forefront … from time to time!

From Eater—new to the Curator—here’s Ina Garten Does it Herself, a profile of a very special television celebrity. Ms. Garten is the epitome of class and talent, and that’s what makes her success so extraordinary in the crass and talentless world in which we reside.

My time in Rochester involved plenty of fries and Caesar salads. Fries came in several varieties, include basic white potatoes, squid, oysters, and sweet potatoes. I’ll have a lengthier report on my gustatory adventures soon. In the meantime, while I thought the sweet potato fries at Trident Grill in Tucson were exceptional, the sweet potato fries from Trata in Rochester are nonpareil:



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