The Wednesday Curator – 10/8/14

October 7, 2014

It’s Coming Around Again is how I feel every Tuesday, as The Wednesday Curator comes around again. So, as you read the post, enjoy Carly Simon, one of my major crushes.

For reasonable people it seems like the same-sex marriage battle is over. Here’s Garrett Epps for The Atlantic with The Same-Sex Marriage Fight is Over on Monday, October 6. Alas, we do still have Senator Ted Cruz, (R-Tex.). Here’s a report, titled Ted Cruz:  We Must Amend U.S. Constitution to Defend Marriage, from Time on October 6, by Nolan Feeney. Knock yourself out, Senator; as long as you’re busy tilting at windmills, you’ll matter less on those issues where you might matter more! (One frequent Mark Rubin Writes commenter asked for more analysis on the same-sex marriage issue. Stay tuned, although I think this issue is done about as much as steak for my daughter when I’ve had a second martini! Oh, does she hate when I do that!!!)

Here’s an interesting piece—interesting is a bit of redundancy here, for I think almost everything I post is interesting—about charitable giving from PBS, Are Americans a Stingy Lot of People?, by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson, from September 3. The piece is a little long, but it’s worth getting through.

Neil de Grasse Tyson should never be ignored. Here he is, on his game, in Neil deGrasse Tyson Exclusive: “I don’t know what kind of democracy that is, if you’re gonna cherry-pick … science because it conflicts with your philosophy”, from Salon way back on July 23, in an interview with Lindsay Abrams.

I’ve written what I think is a keeper piece about goodbyes for Friday, featuring three memorable takes on how we say goodbye. In the meantime, I’m sharing one of the three featured people, Atul Gawande, M.D. from his visit to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The book, Being Mortal:  Medicine and What Matter in the End, is now on my Kindle, and I’m hurrying through my current book so I can read it.

(Neil deGrasse Tyson and Atul Gawande are rock stars in my pantheon!)

For food, I offer Hosting a Dinner Party Is Essential, Fulfilling, and Worth the Effort by Adam Rapoport, Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appétit. A fine art, mostly lost to the ages! And, because I’m catching up, here from Serious Eats is The Best Things We Ate in September. Wow, but these people eat well!

P.S. Early Wednesday morning, look for a lunar eclipse/red moon!

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