The Wednesday Curator – 2/24/2015

February 23, 2016

Charlie Savage and Julie Hirschfeld Davis have Obama Sends Guantánamo Closing Plan to Congress for the New York Times. The plan will be going nowhere because: fear, and ya-da, ya-da. Alas, security within the United States was never the reason for sending anyone to Guantánamo. How Guantanamo Bay Became the Place the U.S. Keeps Detainees, written by Marine officer Scott Packard for The Atlantic in September 2013, explains the real story.* (If the story seems familiar, I used it in Core Issues about Public Discourse on July 15, 2015.)

Here’s John Cassidy’s latest analysis in for the New Yorker, A Huge Week for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And the Nevada caucus results do nothing to questions Mr. Cassidy’s analysis of the Trump side of the battle. (The Donald appears to have a substantial lead, as of my posting.)

I have not yet read Coincidences and the Meaning of Life by Julie Beck for The Atlantic, but it’s been printed out, and I can’t wait. Very interesting subject!

The Madness of Airline Élite Status is a piece which Gary Sernovitz wrote for the New Yorker. Its tagline is: Frequent fliers sometimes go to great lengths to keep their airline élite status, and those efforts are often completely out of proportion to the perks. Alas, it too is about human nature, and it cuts too close to the bone.

Kevin Hsu’s review of Restauration at caught my eye. (Truth be told, rare is the review that doesn’t.) Anyway, the first thing I noted was the restaurant’s sign, which said: FINELY RECRAFTED FOOD + BEVERAGE. Everything looked really, really good. What looked best was the Grilled Wild Tuna. Here’s the picture:


*The Bush Administration wanted a prison located under U.S. control, but not on U.S. soil, so it could argue that certain laws did not apply to detainee and trial issues. The Administration lost its arguments, but we spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year because, now, fear, and ya-da, ya-da.

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