The Wednesday Curator – 4/23/14

April 23, 2014

Again, already, it’s Wednesday! So here’s what I’ve read recently that was exceptional.

The Confidence Gap appears in The Atlantic, dated April 14, and was written by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. They’re reporters for BBC World News America and ABC News, respectively. The article is an overview of their new book, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know.

Here’s a piece from the New York Times, last week:  Cost of Treatment May Influence Doctors. I’ll be writing more on this issue soon.

Talking Points Memo shares Charles Cooper’s story in Prop 8 Lawyer’s Views on Gay Marriage Evolving, posted on April 17. Mr. Cooper represented the Proposition 8 proponents in the same sex marriage case. Read the piece and tell me you’re not moved! Certainly, it’s frustrating that for many a reset requires a personal contact, but those personal contacts are sweeping the planet.

The Pope in the Attic:  Benedict in the Time of Francis by Paul Elie—posted at The Atlantic last Wednesday—provides a very interesting look at an extraordinary phenomenon, extraordinary because it hasn’t happened for 600 years.

Finally—well, not exactly, as there’ll be a few final treats—Ms. J shared with me A Wine Critic’s Realm Isn’t a Democracy by Eric Asimov, from yesterday’s New York Times. Mr. Asimov is the Times’ wine critic. This column really takes on the role of the critic, without regard for subject matter. It’s a wonderful piece of writing!

And the treats:  The New York Times food and wine section offers some great pieces on bread this week. Against the Grain was written by Jeff Gordinier, and features Bien Cuit, an extraordinary bakery to which I have been (and will be visiting again in a few weeks.) There’s Tartine’s Country Bread:  Be Patient, Perfection is Near, by Suzanne Lenzer. (Two loaves found room in Ms. J’s suitcase—and she found time to pick them up—after a trip. Amazing bread!) Other features at the main page. Look around!


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