The Wednesday Curator – 5/7/14

May 7, 2014

Wednesday again!

I wrote in A Life at Fifty-Ish about professional apologies. At length. 33 pages in the print version of the book. I wasn’t kind, but those whose apologies I commented on deserved my scorn. Lots of passive voice apologies, of the “mistakes were made” variety. More recently, I’ve read many “if I have offended anyone” expressions of regret. Not cool!

I mention apologies because I read an honest-to-goodness, for real “I’m sorry” apology several days ago. Utah State Representative David Lifferth (Rep.) apologized for comments he made about the NAACP in relation to the Donald Sterling matter. The apology is here. I doubt whether I agree with Rep. Lifferth on much, but he certainly impressed me with his directness and evident sincerity.

We have a daughter. So What Does It Mean to Be a Girl? How Parents Can Help Daughters Decide for Themselves definitely caught Ms. J’s and my attention on the Newshour last night.

The Rise and Fall of America’s Climate Deniers: How Politics Hijacked the Fight against Global Warming, written by Lindsay Abrams and featuring an interview with Dale Jamieson, appeared in Salon a week ago Saturday. Worth reading!

Philanthropy Disguises Itself as a Fix When It’s a Part of the Problem is a dialogue between Peter Buffett and Warren MacAskill about the role of philanthropy as a driver for social change. I haven’t gotten through it yet, but it’s high on my list and will likely play a significant role in a “to be posted” piece about the issue.

Finally, I want to be Pete Wells, restaurant critic for the New York Times. Here’s The Garden, Both Muse and Oracle at L’Arpège, today’s Critic on the Road piece about the vegetable tasting menu at L’Arpège in Paris.



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