The Wednesday Curator – 5/14/14

May 13, 2014

I’m putting a stopwatch on my week, for there’s no way 168 hours are passing from Wednesday to Wednesday! Like the deli owner whose heavy thumb seems to hover over the scale, someone is playing games with my clock.

The Wednesday Curator is back, and he doesn’t mind sharing the fact that he’s troubled. So much to read and share. Too much, frankly, and that’s without considering all of the overtly political stuff he tends to eschew. Alas, the dude’s got a job to do, and do it he does. Here goes nothing, or something:

Christina Sterbenz posted So this is Why Everyone Starts Sentences With “So” These Days on the Business Insider at Slate on May 13. The curator has wondered about the “’so’ at the beginning of the sentence thing” for years. Ms. Sterbenz offers an explanation for the phenomenon. (The curator also wonders about which words do and don’t get capitalized in a title. Input, English mavens. Please.)

Speaking of Mark Zuckerberg—he’s a part of the “So” story—there’s a preview “review” of a long story called Schooled, which will appear in the May 19 issue of the New Yorker. (The New Yorker operates behind a pay wall. Sorry.) It’s a story about failure in the schools in Newark, where Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, contributed $100,000,000. Sadly, there’s little in the way of evident benefits after all of the money is gone. The review is located in Salon, was written on May 12 by Andrew Leonard, and makes the curator want to claims dibs on the New Yorker this week. Look out, Ms. J!

The Generic Ballot is Useless for Senate Elections, an excellent piece by Martin Longman, posted at Washington Monthly on May 12, shares the shortcomings associated with D v. R national polling. Short, and a must read if you’re a discouraged D!

Robert Reich offers 10 Ways to Close the Inequality Gap at Salon on March 13. The methods are simple and, in several instances, not especially painful! Will any of this come to pass? Probably not in any big way, but Secretary Reich thinks clearly and writes well, and in time we may bend the arc a bit!

Finally, the curator has linked to once or twice in the past. Lots of great food blogs exist, but Serious Eats may be the best. 8 Bar Snacks Under $8 That We Love in Portland, written by Emily McIntyre, recalls an affinity for bars and bar food, and that the curator needs to do an “eat around” in Portland (Oregon) someday soon. (Actually, the other Portland has great food, too!) Because We Love Seafood: 21 Ways to Eat More Fish by Miki Kawasaki, called to the curator’s attention lots of new opportunities when it comes to fish. Some beautiful dishes!

Stay tuned in coming days. Look for a piece called “George Will is a Jerk!” (You should have read some of the earlier titles.) Also, there’s a post coming on Monica Lewinsky. If you’re a woman and you’re willing to talk about this subject for a few minutes by phone, contact Mark Rubin at No comments, please, on this subject, and whatever you say will be treated anonymously!

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