The Wednesday Curator – 5/28/14

May 28, 2014

Another Wednesday, and that means more from the Curator:

Here are two pieces, How Republicans Became the “Stupid” Party:  Turning Right, Refusing to Recognize Facts and Change by Edmund Fawcett and GOP’s Post-Obama Problem:  Why They’re Lost Without Him — and with the Electorate He Helped Create by Joan Walsh, both posted in Salon, that focus on longer term problems for the Republican party. No insult intended by me, but when you focus on winning the news cycle, when you’re only against things (and not for other things), and when you speak mockingly of the “reality-based community,” reality will bite you in the backside. (BTW, I take no pleasure in any of this; I’m on the other team, but I’m also old enough to remember a time when “team” mattered much less, and it’s “team” that explains in many ways why we’re in our current fix.)

Politics Is More Broken Than Ever—Political Scientists Need to Admit It by Thomas Mann for The Atlantic, posted on May 26, offers one more set of thoughts about our broken system. Mr. Mann is always worth a few minutes.

I’ve been concerned for a long time about an overemphasis on rare but upsetting events. James Fallows, again for The Atlantic (May 20), captures the notion very well in Telling the Difference between Danger and Fear.

You’ll be hearing more about my father-daughter DC to NYC spring tour in coming days. In the meantime, here’s a snippet about the High Line, the amazing urban park on New York’s lower West Side.

Finally, for my bagel eating friends—sorry gluten-free folks; no substitute here—here’s a piece from Tasting Table called Everything Bagels:  Where to Eat Them Now. Enjoy!

P.S. The Black Seed bagels are amazing!!!


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