The Wednesday Curator – 6/24/15

June 23, 2015

Charleston can’t be far from anyone’s mind. I read three pieces which really resonated. First, here’s Clementa Pinckey, a Martyr of Reconciliation by David Blight for The Atlantic. Then there’s Charles Blow’s column for the New York Times, In Charleston, a Millennial Race Terrorist. Finally, David Remnick, Editor of the New Yorker, wrote Charleston and the Age of Obama for his magazine. I’m sure this signal event will change nothing about our insane gun policies. Maybe, just maybe, we can hope for a bit of intelligent conversation about race and a war the losers are still fighting 150 years almost to the day after it ended.

With the expectation that we will learn the fate of the Affordable Care Act within a few days, Meet the Diehard Right Wingers Who Just Can’t Quit Obamacare is worth reading. Gus Garcia-Roberts for The Slice at Talking Points Memo headed to Arizona to meet a crew of our finest Republicans, mostly people who oppose the Affordable Care Act on philosophical grounds, but are practical enough to appreciate its benefits. Especially interesting and almost never mentioned? The impact of the ACA on mentally ill individuals, and the impact on communities and health care facilities when these people get treatment.

It’s very warm outside, which makes the thought of five days, forty+ hours less than enthralling. So, from The Atlantic here are The Case for the 32-Hour Work Week in a video by Paul Rosenfeld and A World without Work by Derek Thompson.

Check this out: New Samsung ‘See-Through’ truck may help save lives, looks very cool. Thanks to Daily Kos contributor Walter Einenkel for sharing. For non-clickers, the truck has a camera at the front, which provides live video to four digital panels on the back, so drivers can see what the truck in front of them sees. Very innovative, and made possible by the shrinking cost of digital technology.

Justin Sablich wrote A Food Tour of Seinfeld’s New York for the New York Times on June 23. It’s a trifle, but it’ll please those of you who really, really liked Jerry and the gang. And from the other coast—actually, Seinfeld was filmed in Los Angeles—here’s a taste of La Super Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara, courtesy of Cathy Chaplin at The place was made famous by Julia Child.  Really first-rate Mexican street food in delightful surroundings … which are cool!!! Here’s the Super-Rica Especial aka No. 16:

5535085959_3d2f8f2a78So what comprises the Super-Rica Especial? Grilled passilla chiles, pork, and cheese, atop handmade corn tortillas.

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