The Wednesday Curator – 7/15/15

July 15, 2015

Robin Wright—no, not that one—is as a sharp a Middle East reporter as there is. An Iran Deal, at Last, written yesterday for the New Yorker, is worth reading if you want to know what’s what. (I’ll have more links and thoughts about the Iran deal Thursday afternoon/evening.)

I read a reasoned and reasonable rant—can there be such a thing—by Temple Trueblood, a highly regarded Alabama employment attorney. Ms. Trueblood’s words are part of Alabama Civil Rights lawyer’s epic rant: Media targeted Confederate flag because Charleston didn’t riot by Elizabeth Beshears, posted at Yellowhammer News on June 29. Ms. Trueblood’s words relate to Charleston, but what she’s really asking—no, begging—for is less group-speak/think, and more thinking.

For those who think the Curator/MR is a one-trick, in the pocket of the Ds 24/7 guy, note the fact that the I have recommended Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone piece, Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold. The conduct is wrong, whether the actor is one of my guys, or someone from the other team.

The Curator cannot ignore Harper Lee and the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman. I have not had time to read much, but The Man Who Helped Make Harper Lee by Ari Schulman and When Scout Grew Up by Sophie Gilbert, both for The Atlantic, are entry pieces about the new book. I’m worried, for sure, that we’ll wish for the simpler times associated with To Kill a Mockingbird, but maybe we’re ready for tougher stuff we may be getting.

It’s summer, which brings to mind grilling. Sam Sifton offers up Mixed Grill, the American Way for the New York Times. The picture caught my attention, as did the subject, for I went to refill my propane tank and found out they can’t be filled after 12 years. Who knew?


Tucsonans (and others, for it was a franchise operation): remember The Good Earth? Here from Tucson Foodie is Blast from the Past: Original Menu from The Good Earth. Thanks, Adam Lehrman, for this find. And congratulations and thanks to the owners of Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market, just opened this week. Theresa Delaney has a report for Tucson Foodie.




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